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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
UNIT 01 - PREVIEW: What to expect in this ministry course

022 - Preview of Unit 14: Dimension 2 = God and His Creatures in Bible and Koran

The second dimension of biblical teachings deals with God and his creatures. Here we distinguish four levels, which we look at successively in view of how the Koran took up the respective biblical teachings:

Level 1 - descriptions of God in Bible and Koran (designations of God; attributes and the character of God; spiritual dimensions of God; God's body parts; and the deeds of God);
Level 2 - non-personal creatures of God in Bible and Koran (the heavens and its content; the sea and its content; the earth and its content; and the abode of the dead and hell);
Level 3 - obedient and disobedient angels in Bible and Koran (individual angels; multitudes of angels; Satan and the Devil; fallen angels, demons and Jinn); and finally
Level 4 - human beings in Bible and Koran (social organization of humans; patriarchs and prophets; priests, judges and kings; Christ and his Apostles; and other human offices).

This dimension will give you insight into the breathtaking diversity of what the Bible teaches about God and his creatures and how this compares with what the Koran teaches about God and his creatures.

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