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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
UNIT 02 - INNER LIMITS: Comparing the Bible and the Koran as BOOKS

047 - Summary of UNIT 02: The INNER LIMITS of our Investigations

Let me summarize this UNIT 02:

If you compare the Bible with the Koran as books, you can find some seeming similarities between the two, which concern e.g. Revelation, Men of God, God himself as well as Creation and Judgment.
But already on this level of generality you will find many more differences between the two: e.g. concerning the authors, the original languages, the status of translations, the order of the contents, the relative size, the usage in daily life and the completeness of the Bible as opposed to the Koran.

So, in spite of significant similarities, the Bible and the Koran as complete books deeply differ from each other. These differences mark the INNER LIMITS of any biblical investigation of the Koran. No matter what you do, you always will have to take into account

that the Bible and the Koran were originally written in different original languages;
that Muslims do not regard their translated Korans as true Korans, but only as interpretations of the Koran;
that the Koran is much shorter than the Bible; and
that the historic and thematic order of contents in the Bible is totally missing in the Koran.

We call such fundamental differences between the Bible and the Koran INNER LIMITS for our biblical investigations of the Koran.

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