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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 03 - SURVEY: Biblical PASSAGES in the Koran

054 -- OLD TESTAMENT Part 2 (History) in the Koran

This second part of the Bible has 87,700 words, 5,256 verses and 184 chapters in the following 10 books: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. The Koran has taken up only very little material from these OT History books. Here are the details:

INCLUDED: The Koran included from OT History books: // 6 verses about Saul, renamed Talut, in Sura 2:246-251; // also 64 verses about David (Dawud) and Solomon (Sulaiman), where the main passages are Suras 21:79-82 -- 27:15-45 -- 34:10-19 -- 38:20-38; // then 8 verses about Elijah (Ilyas) in Sura 37:123-130; // one verse possibly about Elisha (al-Yasa' ) in Sura 6:86; // and finally one possible mentioning of Ezra ( 'Uzair) in Sura 9:30. This gives a total of around 80 verses in the Koran that take up material from this second part of the Old Testament (History).
OMITTED: Again, since the OT History books have 5,256 verses and the Koran only has 80 verses rooted in this part of the Old Testament, it is evident that most material about the history of Israel is missing in the Koran. Here are some examples about this omitted material: // Joshua and the story of how the tribes of Israel occupied the Land of Canaan; // the stories about the different judges (e.g. Gideon, Samson and Samuel) that helped the Israelites in times of suppression by foreign powers; // the story of Ruth; // most details about the biographies of the first three kings of Israel: Saul, David and Solomon, including the story about how Jerusalem became the capital of this kingdom under David; // the details about the Temple in Jerusalem; // the stories of the division of the kingdom and the rule of different kings in the northern and southern kingdoms (kingdoms of Israel and Judah); // the stories about the two great prophets Elijah and Elisha; // the accounts about the different wars and revolutions that these kingdoms waged or went through; // the exile of the Israelites first from the north to Assyria and then from the south to Babylonia; // the return of a remnant from Babylonia under Ezra and Nehemiah, with permissions from the Persians to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple; // and the story of Esther and how she saved the Jews from a pogrom in Persia.

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