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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 03 - SURVEY: Biblical PASSAGES in the Koran

057 -- NEW TESTAMENT Part 1 (Gospels) in the Koran

This fifth part of the Bible and first part of the New Testament has 49,402 words, 3,779 verses, and 89 chapters in the following four books: The Gospel according to Matthew, the Gospel according to Mark, the Gospel according to Luke and the Gospel according to John. The Koran has drawn a sizeable amount of biblical material from this part of the New Testament. Here are some of the details:

INCLUDED: The Koran included from the Gospels the following material: // 28 verses about the birth of Christ (al-Masih) from the virgin Mary (Maryam): Suras 3:35-37,42-45 -- 19:16-34 -- 23:50 -- 66:12; // 22 verses about John the Baptist (renamed Yahya) and his father Zechariah (Zakariyya) : Suras 3:37-41 -- 6:85 -- 19:2-15 -- 21:89,90; // that Christ had disciples (al-Hawaariyyun): Suras 3:52 -- 5:111,112 -- 61:14; // three Gospel miracles of Christ mentioned summarily in two long verses: Sura 3:49 and 5:110 (healing the blind and the lepers, as well as raising the dead -- the Koran added several other miracles not mentioned in the Bible); // the fact that Christ was persecuted by the Jews of his day but denying his crucifixion (Sura 4:157), even though his death is mentioned several times in the Koran (Suras 3:55 -- 4:159 -- 5:117 -- 19:33) and even his resurrection (Suras 19:33). The total number of verses in the Koran that deal with Christ, his ancestors and his followers are roughly 100 verses. Since about 40% of these are more doctrinal in nature, not all of them are rooted in the Gospels, which primarily contain the events of the life of Christ and not so much doctrines about Christ as unfolded in the letters of the Apostles of Christ.
OMITTED: Since the Gospels contain 3,779 verses and only around 60 verses in the Koran are directly rooted in the Gospels, it is clear that by far most of the content of the Gospels has been omitted in the Koran. Here are some examples of what the Koran left out from this part of the Bible: // The genealogy of Jesus (whose name was changed to 'Isa in the Koran) as well as nearly all names of people that Jesus dealt with (his disciples, some Pharisees, the high priest, king Herod, the procurator Pilate); // all the names of places that Jesus visited on earth (Bethlehem, Egypt, Nazareth, Capernaum, Jericho, Jerusalem, to give just some examples) // the visit of the Magi from the East; // the murder of infants in Bethlehem and the flight of Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus to Egypt; // the temptation of Jesus in the desert; // all his sermons (Sermon on the Mount, parables, disputes with the religious leaders of the Jews, teachings for his disciples etc); // most of his miracles; // all the details about the inquisition against him, his capture, torture, crucifixion, burial and resurrection; // as well as his appearances before his followers after this death and before his ascension to heaven.

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