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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 05 - CORRELATE: ADAM in Genesis 1 to 5 and in the Koran

084 - The Correlating Procedure

By way of an example we here choose the biblical personality of Adam and present below (in the next steps of this UNIT 05) our suggestion as to how the koranic passages and verses about Adam can be correlated to the biblical passages and verses about Adam. For this we followed this correlating procedure:

a) We start out with the compilation of the biblical and Koranic verses on Adam as listed in STEP 066 above.
b) Then we focus on the main biblical chapters about Adam (Genesis 2:4 to 5:32) and break them down into convenient passages, giving each a heading that summarizes its content.
c) Then for each of these biblical passage about Adam we search for those verses and passages of the Koran about Adam that have a content, which is similar to that of the respective biblical passage about Adam. This correlated koranic material we then group under each respective biblical passage. Often, we have multiple verses or passages in the Koran that can be correlated to the same biblical passage. This koranic material about Adam always changed the respective biblical material about Adam.
d) After finishing this step for each of the biblical passages of the Koran about Adam, we then are able by pure inspection to find those passages of the Bible about Adam, for which we are NOT able to find any koranic parallel. These for us are the biblical passages about Adam that were omitted by the Koran, or to put it more mildly, the biblical passages about Adam that have not influenced the Koran.
e) The remaining material of the Koran about Adam, which we are not able to associate to respective biblical passages about Adam, are for us additions of the Koran to the Bible. We try to group these non-biblical passages about Adam from the Koran in groups of similar content and then to chronologically insert them in the order of biblical passages about Adam wherever possible. If any rest remains, which is not the case for the koranic material about Adam, it can be grouped at the end of the list of biblical passages as additional material of the Koran about Adam that cannot be correlated to any biblical material about Adam.

This completes the process of correlation concerning Adam between the Bible the Koran. The result is a list of 25 passages about ADAM in Bible and Koran with appropriate titles, and for each of these passages we have the references from the Bible (if any) and the references from the Koran (if any) grouped together. In the next steps of this UNIT 05 (Steps 085 to 088) we list these correlated verses and passages between the Bible and the Koran about ADAM as a basis for more detailed investigations in UNITs 06 to 10 of this ministry course.

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