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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 05 - CORRELATE: ADAM in Genesis 1 to 5 and in the Koran

086 - Adam in Genesis 2 Correlated to the Koran

Genesis 2 is the first main chapter of the Bible about Adam. We were able to find verses in the Koran about Adam that could be correlated to numerous passages from this chapter. Here they are:

Adam 02 - The LORD God (Yahweh)

BIBLE: Genesis 2:4b
>> Treated in Detail in OMISSION EXAMPLE 1 of Unit 07

Adam 03 - The Land before its cultivation

BIBLE: Genesis 2:5-6

Adam 04 - How the LORD God made Adam out of Earth

BIBLE: Genesis 2:7
Adam formed out of EARTH (ard): Sura Hud 11:61
Adam formed out of CLAY (salsaal / tiyn): Suras al-Hijr 15:28, al-Mu'minun 23:12, al-Sajda 32:7, Sad 38:71-72
Adam formed out of DUST (turaab) Suras Al 'Imran 3:59, al-Kahf 18:37, al-Hajj 22:5, Fatir 35:11, Ghafir 40:67
Adam formed out of WATER: Sura al-Furqan 25:54
Adam FORMED by Allah: Suras al-A'raf 7:11, al-Sajda 32:9, al-Taghabun 64:3, al-Infitar 82:7-8
Adam created by BREATHING into him of ALLAH'S SPIRIT: Suras al-Hijr 15:29, Sad 38:72, al-Sajda 32:7-9

Adam 05 - The best stature of Adam at his creation

KORAN -- ADDED: -- Sura al-Tin 95:4-5

Adam 06 - Allah elected Adam over the worlds

KORAN -- ADDED: -- Sura Al 'Imran 3:33

Adam 07 - Allah commanded the angels to worship Adam right after his creation. All obeyed except the Devil, who was condemned by Allah, but given respite on the Devil's appeal

KORAN -- ADDED: -- Suras al-Baqara 2:34 -- al-A'raf 7:11-18 -- al-Hijr 15:28-43 -- al-Isra' 17:61-66 -- Ta Ha 20:116-117 -- Sad 38:71-85
>> Treated in Detail in ADDITION EXAMPLE 1 of Unit 08

Adam 08 - Allah's covenant with Adam

BIBLE: NONE -- See, however, Hosea 6:7, which speaks of Adam transgressing a covenant.
KORAN -- ADDED: -- Sura Ta Ha 20:115

Adam 09 - The LORD God planted a garden in Eden as a place for Adam to live in

BIBLE: Genesis 2:8-14
NOTE: Nowhere do we find in the Koran the geographical location of the garden in Eden, nor that Allah should have planted this garden. Only at the end of times pious Muslims, who escape Hell, are promised a Paradise described as a Garden of Eden (jannat 'adan), which appears 11x times in the Koran: Suras al-Tawba 9:72, al-Ra'd 13:23, al-Nahl 16:31, al-Kahf 18:31, Maryam 19:61, Ta Ha 20:76, Fatir 35:33, Sad 38:50, Ghafir 40:8, al-Saff 61:12, al-Bayyina 98,8. However, none of these verses in the Koran are connected with the koranic account about Adam. A Garden (jannat) is mentioned in the Koran six times in connection with Adam: Suras al-Baqara 2:35, al-A'raf 7:19+22+27, al-Hijr 15:37, Ta Ha 20:121.
>> Treated in Detail in OMISSION EXAMPLE 2 of Unit 07

Adam 10 - Adam in the garden and the interdiction to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil

BIBLE: Genesis 2:15-17
KORAN -- CHANGED: -- Suras al-Baqara 2,35 -- al-A'raf 7:19 -- Ta Ha 20:120
>> Treated in Detail in CHANGE EXAMPLE 1 of Unit 09

Adam 11 - How the LORD God made a helper for Adam

BIBLE: Genesis 2:18-25
KORAN -- CHANGED: -- This passage has been taken up in the Koran in multiple passages, however not in the context, in which the Bible relates this passage. Here are the parallels:
a) Naming living beings: Sura al-Baqara 2:30-33
b) Creation of the woman: Suras al-Zumar 39:6 and al-Shura 42:11
c) The relationship between man and woman: Suras al-Rum 30:21 and al-A'raf 7:189
d) The hidden nakedness of Adam and his wife: Sura 7:20

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