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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 09 - INVESTIGATE CHANGES: Examples of Biblical Texts on Adam Changed in the Koran - Analysis, Explanation and Application
09.1 - CHANGE EXAMPLE 1: Adam in the Garden and the interdiction to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:15-17 changed in the Koran)
09.1.1 - Element 1: God put Adam in the Garden of Eden

154 - Element 1: EXPLANATION - Why did the Koran change Genesis 3:15a this way?

Changes a), c) and d) in the last Step 153 are typical for the Koran and have far-reaching consequences, in contrast with the Bible.

Change b) is not typical in the Koran but it shows that the Koran has changed biblical chronology: in the Koran Adam entered the garden after his wife was created, while in the Bible Adam was put into the garden before his wife was created.

Why did the Koran change biblical content in this way? The replacement of Yahweh by Allah (element “a” above), the replacement of Yahweh putting Adam in the garden (showing that Yahweh had close contact to Adam as his Immanuel) with Allah commanding Adam to dwell in the garden (element “c” above), as well as the omission of geographical details from the Bible (element “d” above), were already discussed above in the first two Omission Examples of UNIT 07.

So here we only need to discuss change b). Because the Koran omitted virtually all the chronological details from the Bible, it is not surprising to occasionally find a change in the order of events, when the Koran is compared to the Bible. The Koran has Allah giving the interdiction to eat of “the tree” to both Adam and his mate (i.e. his wife), which presupposes that his wife was already created. But in the Bible it was Adam alone, who was given this interdiction and Genesis continues to give a detailed account about how Yahweh created the woman from one of his ribs (Genesis 2:18-25) afterwards, and it is presupposed that Adam taught his wife not to eat of this tree after she was brought to him by Yahweh.

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