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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 09 - INVESTIGATE CHANGES: Examples of Biblical Texts on Adam Changed in the Koran - Analysis, Explanation and Application
09.1 - CHANGE EXAMPLE 1: Adam in the Garden and the interdiction to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:15-17 changed in the Koran)
09.1.3 - Element 3: God spoke to Adam

158 - Element 3: ANALYSIS - How Genesis 2:16a was changed in the Koran

Here you again have the omission of the biblical Yahweh Elohim in the Koran. It is replaced with the pronouns “we” and “he”, both meaning Allah according to Islam.

Another omission from the Bible concerns the description of what God is about to say to Adam: The Bible describes it as constituting a commandment (“Yahweh commanded Adam”), which in the Hebrew original has a legislative connotation. This was omitted in the Koran and replaced by “we said”, which has no legislative connotation.

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