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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 10 - CONCLUDE - Bring together all findings in a panorama on how biblical content about Adam was modified in the Koran
10.3 - Adam in Genesis 3

188 - Adam 13 - Adam's wife and he himself ate of the forbidden tree

Texts -- BIBLE: Genesis 3:6+7 ---- CHANGED in KORAN: Suras al-A'raf 7:22+27 -- Ta Ha 20:115+121

Contrast 1 -- BIBLE: The sensual lure of the tree is highlighted. -- KORAN: NO sensual lure of any tree is mentioned in the Koran with regard to the sin of Adam and his wife. >> Meaning >> BIBLE: Sensuality is a source of sin. -- KORAN: Sensuality is NOT a source of sin, rather sensuality is the ultimate goal of salvation in the Koran, because the future Jannah gardens will celebrate sensuality to its maximum.

Contrast 2 -- BIBLE: The woman took and ate and gave her man and the man ate (also). -- KORAN: Both ate. There is NO order of who ate first in the Koran. >> Meaning >> BIBLE: This is one source of the spiritual inferiority of women in relation to men in the Bible. Could this be one reason, why women are not allowed to teach in the church? -- KORAN: This is NOT a source of the inferiority of women in relation to men, which is very present in the Koran, because NO order of who ate first is found in the Koran.

Contrast 3 -- BIBLE: Then their eyes were opened. Both realized that they were naked. -- KORAN: NO explicit mention of eyes being opened in the Koran, only that their bad (i.e. private) parts appeared to them / were shown to them by Satan. >> Meaning >> BIBLE: Here they come to know evil, because they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The result was, they discovered their nakedness. -- KORAN: Here the Koran has two conflicting accounts: a) Their bad (i.e. private) parts appeared to them, because they ate of the tree (7:22 and 20:121), but this tree is not described as being a tree of knowledge of good and evil; b) Satan tricked them and “tore their garments from them to show them their bad (i.e. private) parts” (7:27)! Here there is an inconsistency within the Koran, because no prior account is given in the Koran of Adam and his wife wearing garments, which Satan could strip off them.

Contrast 4 -- BIBLE: Then they stitched together fig leaves as aprons. -- KORAN: They began stitching leaves of the garden on themselves.

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