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We here offer you helpful material for follow-up among Muslim background followers of Jesus. It lists the 613 commandments of Moses in the TORA, the 1000 commandments of Christ in the GOSPEL and the 500 commandments of Muhammad in the KORAN. This series contains the following three books:

Book 1 - The Sharia of MOSES in the TORA
This book by the medieval Jewish Rabbi Moses Maimonides lists and comments the 248 positive commandments (what you should DO) and the 365 negative commandments (what you should NOT DO) of Yahwe to his people Israel as can be found in the TORA of Moses. The total of 613 commandments (Mitzvot) constitute the duties that orthodox Jews must fulfill in obedience to God.
Book 2 - The Sharia of CHRIST in the GOSPEL
This book by Abd al-Masih contains a selection from the approximately 1000 Verses of the New Testament (mainly from the GOSPELS) that contain commandments of Christ to his disciples and apostles. They are arranged and commented in such a way that their relevance to the Sharia of Islam can easily be assessed.
Book 3 - The Sharia of MUHAMMAD in the KORAN
This book, compiled by Abd al-Masih, lists the 500 verses of the KORAN that Muslim jurists chose to justify the precepts of their Sharia-Law. It contains all the commandments of Allah in the KORAN (ahkam al-Qur'an) that the major Hanafite, Malikite, Shafiite, and Hanbalite Sharia manuals list as reasons why certain stipulations of the Sharia have to be obeyed. They are listed according to the way the subjects of Sharia-Law are traditionally arranged.
PART 1 - Commandments of the Koran that concern WORSHIP of Allah (ibaadaat)
PART 2 - Commandments of the Koran that concern CONDUCT towards others (mu'aamalaat)

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