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Should a Christian man, who was a Muslim married to several wives, divorce his wives after he becomes a Christian?
Answers to a Question from Nigeria

1. THE QUESTION (from Nigeria)

From the doctrines of the Bible and Christianity, there's no room for polygamy. The doctrine states clearly that it is one man with one wife. I have one of my Muslim converts, who is an elderly man, and he has 2 wives from the time, when he was a Muslim before his conversion, with children from both women and he is legally married to them under the Islamic law, which permits up to 4 wives for a Muslim man. This man after his conversion has become a very faithful follower of Jesus and ministers to others to come to Christ. But he's feeling very guilty and uncomfortable with his status as a polygamist and some other fellow Christians do also see him as a sinner or unqualified to hold any important position in the church where he worships. They are insisting that he should divorce one of his 2 wives before they will grant him recognition in that church and be fully accepted as a true Christian. This issue is very confusing and complicated. Please kindly let us know the view of brother Khoury. This brother is very sad and worried and this is weakening his faith.

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