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Should a Christian man, who was a Muslim married to several wives, divorce his wives after he becomes a Christian?
Answers to a Question from Nigeria

6. ANSWER 4 (from Morocco)

Concerning the situation, which you asked about and which concerns the marriage of a former Muslim: He practiced his Sharia Law and applied the option of multiplying wives. But the Lord opened his eyes and he believed in the Lord Jesus, to whom belongs all glory.

What the brethren must understand is that what he practiced happened before he believed in Christ. Scripture says that the wife is sanctified by the husband. This means that the husband must be a source of blessing for his wife and not a source of stumbling.

If this happened in my church here in Morocco, I would accept that brother in my church and if his wives wanted to join him in coming to church I would have no objection. For the aim of a church is to be a source of blessing and not a source of stumbling or of a curse.

But I would not give him some responsibility or ministry in the church, because one of the conditions for ministering in a church is to be married to one wife only.

This means that he would be accepted in the church and he could participate in its activities with all freedom and respect. However, the church cannot give him some position or function in the church, because he is not eligible and the reasons for that are biblical.

With this I hope that I have clarified the situation here in Morocco. It is my prayer that the Lord will give the brethren in Nigeria wisdom and understanding in this matter.

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