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19. Good News for the Sick


Leprosy is a mildly infectious, slowly progressing, yet intractable and potentially devastating disease. It has been known from ancient times in countries such as Japan and India. The ancient Greek physicians, Hypocrites and Galen, have also discussed leprosy in their writings. Leprosy is caused by a rod-shaped germ called mycobacterium leprae and was first discovered by a Norwegian doctor, Armauer Hansen, in 1872.

It is present throughout the world and in some countries it has become endemic. Perhaps some twelve million people suffer from it. Leprosy affects especially the nerves and skin of the human body. It produces a loss of sensation and skin lesions such as patches, thickening of the skin, ulceration, loss of hair, destruction of the sweat glands resulting in dryness of the affected skin, etc. In the advanced stage of the disease deformities of various kinds occur.

Leprosy is not a hereditary disease. Nor should it be considered a curse from God. An early diagnosis and regular treatment of the disease ensures a complete cure even before deformities set in.

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