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19. Good News for the Sick


Dear reader!

If you have studied this booklet carefully, you can easily answer the following questions. Whoever answers 90% of all questions in the three booklets of this series correctly, can obtain a certificate from our center as an encouragement for his/her future services for Christ.

  1. Jesus said: "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified." Why did He say this and what did He mean by saying this?
  2. Jesus himself fixed beforehand the hour of His death, the manner in which He would die and the day on which He would rise from the dead. Do you agree with this statement? Why?
  3. Were the Jews justified in sentencing Jesus to death?
  4. Substantiate the fact that Jesus was raised from the dead by quoting certain testimonies from the Bible.
  5. If Jesus had not risen from the dead, what would have happened?
  6. What is the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
  7. "The Cross of Jesus the Messiah is God’s supreme revelation of His love for mankind." How is this possible?
  8. Mention the Ten Commandments that God gave to the children of Israel.
  9. Mention the two great commandments that Jesus gave to His disciples.
  10. Which prophecy of the Old Testament did Jesus fulfill through His ministry of healing?
  11. Has Jesus left this legacy of healing with His disciples? Quote some evidence from the Holy Bible in support of your answer.
  12. Why are not all people healed by prayers?
  13. God wants your body to be a Holy temple. How would you achieve this perfection?
  14. What conduct does God expect of you?
  15. Which prayers from appendix 2 appeal to you most?
  16. What roles do the confession of sin and repentance play in the healing of the sick person?
  17. What happens when you forgive others?
  18. What teaching about humility do you find in the Bible?
  19. How does the Word of God take away fear and anxiety from man’s heart?
  20. Why are prayers at times not answered?
  21. Mention the prophesies mentioned in the Old Testament about the suffering and death of Jesus, the Messiah.
  22. What lesson do you learn from King David’s confession of sin?

Every participant in this quiz is allowed to use any book at his disposition and to ask any trustworthy person known to him when answering these questions. We wait for your written answers including your full address on the papers or in your e-mail. We pray for you to Jesus, the living Lord, that He will send, guide, strengthen, protect and be with you every day of your life!

Send your answers to:

P.O.Box 1806
70708 Fellbach

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