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20. For Readers of the Qur'an

The Names and Titles of Christ as Declared to Mary

The first name of Christ that appears in the above mentioned Qur'anic revelation (Sura Al 'Imram 3:45) is "A Word of Allah". Christ, the Son of Mary, was not an ordinary prophet like other prophets, for He was not born of an earthly father. He was born of the Word of Allah; He was the incarnate Word of Allah and a "walking Spirit" of Allah in the form of a man (see Sura 4:171). Some scholars doubt this fact. Yet, both the Qur'an and the Gospel agree that Allah's Word and Spirit became flesh in the Son of Mary. He is the walking Word of Allah and His visible Spirit. In Him dwells the full authority of the Word of Allah: His creating power, His healing mercy, His authority to forgive sins, His mercy to comfort the sorrowful, His ability to renew the corrupt, and His right to judge all sinners.

Christ lived out what He said. There was no difference between His words and His deeds. He was born sinless and remained pure without sin. Allah's will was evident in Him. He who memorizes His words and ponders His signs can experience the power of the Holy Creator.

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