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20. For Readers of the Qur'an

What Hinders the Implementation of God's Will and His Salvation?

God desires with his complete will that no person be lost. He wants everyone to share in His peace, His reconciliation, and His salvation.

The Almighty is our Savior, who reaches out to build a bridge over the deep chasm that divides God from His people. He overcomes the stubborn human race with kindness and wants to free them from their bondage and draw them near to Himself.

God loves everybody, not in an emotional sentimentalism, but He has chosen to be like a father to us, full of compassion. He desires that His children be near to Him, that He can see how they grow spiritually and rejoice with them when they succeed. The driving motive in the will of God is his great love. Therefore you can be sure that God wants to help you, strengthen you, sanctify you and even comfort you, so that you will be near to Him.

What are the reasons that this love of God cannot be realized in us to its full extent? We should recognize that the majority of people live far from God. They do not think about Him, and do not care about Him, and do not want to be near to Him. They are not yearning to build a personal relationship to their spiritual father. Unfortunately they prefer to remain in darkness because their deeds are evil. The majority of our needs and problems come from our ugly sins, because we do not know nor keep the commandments of God. We love ourselves and do not care about God or people.

If you want to know the will of God, humbly ask Him that He may reveal to you all your sins. Your sins are the reason that you are separated from your Creator. Be honest and examine your past. Confess to God all your mistakes and dirty acts that you have committed in your life. Do not try to cover your mistakes and evil deeds. Do not hide them because God knows you, but is ready to help you. He wants to clean you, therefore it is essential that you release from your subconscious all your offenses, your uncleanness, and your defiance toward your parents and confess it in the light of the holiness of God. Have trust and believe in the mercy of your everlasting Judge. He is not interested in condemning you; He wants to save you, heal you, protect you and guide you, and wants to make you happy in everlasting joy.

God knows you. He knows what you feel and think and what you desire in your innermost being. Do not think that you can save yourself from the just wrath of God. Your good deeds are insufficient and not enough to save you. All the good that you do will not drive away your bad deeds. The great mistake that a person can make is his hope that he can run away from the judgment of God with the help of his prayer, fasting, alms giving, pilgrimage or fighting for God. Be sure that there is no salvation by your own efforts. There is no possibility to justify your evil acts on your own; you will be judged on the Day of Judgment. You will be rudely awakened to learn that you are a failure, unclean, and deserving destruction in the fire of hell.

Be aware that this judgment waits for you as long as you try to build your future on your own activities. Perhaps, according to your appearance, you seem to be a fine person, and your friends respect you. But God knows your innermost being, and he records not only your deeds but also your intentions. Every word that you say is registered, and all the acts you have done will not be forgotten. Therefore, we all will be without hope and condemned – including you! Be honest and know your situation and don’t deceive yourself.

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