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20. For Readers of the Qur'an

Do You Recognize Your Heavenly Privilege?

God truly wills that everybody shall be saved and that all should come to the knowledge of the truth. He wants you to recognize your heavenly right and accept it willingly. God has prepared for you the privilege of entering into a personal relationship with Him, because He loves you more than any father on this earth can love his children. He has also prepared for you everything you need in life and in death. He wants to cleanse your conscience from every black speck, and sanctify your dreams and ambitions. He desires to give you His Holy Spirit who will come into you and help you. Everybody that enters into the new covenant with God receives power from the Almighty to forgive his enemies as God has forgiven him, and to become patient with the hard-hearted people around him; then peace will arise in your heart and mind.

Dear friend,
Confess your sins to God and accept His forgiveness for your evil deeds through the atonement of Christ. In doing this, you will receive your heavenly privilege prepared for you, as well as spiritual power for everlasting life. Be assured that the Great God loves you personally. He wants to save you from hell. He desires to break the chains of sin and the deceit of Satan in your life, and deliver you from bitter death. He will help you to live a life of honor, so that you will speak the truth instead of lies, be pure instead of corrupt, and live in love without deceit and hatred. Have courage and trust in Christ, because he is your mediator and intercedes for you with God. By your faith in Him, you will become a new person with a clean conscience, free from fear of the grave and from the fire of hell. The spirit of God will hover over you and will come into you as soon as you trust the promise of God in Christ. Be courageous and believe in the Son of Mary, then you will live a life that is worth being called life.

Do you want to know more about the mediation of Christ?

If you request it from us, we are ready to send you the complete Gospel of Christ with expositions of its verses for free, so that you may come to better know the meaning and the depths of the mediation of Christ.

Spread the news about the mediation of Christ among your friends and your neighbors!

If you have been touched by this pamphlet, and have come to know how Christ mediates between God and man, and if you are interested in spreading this news among friends who are interested in God, then we are ready to send you a limited quantity of this helpful pamphlet, if you ask for them. We pray to the living Lord that he may fill your life with His divine mediation.

Write to us under the following address:

P.O.Box 1806
70708 Fellbach,


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