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Author: Abd al-Masih

This course offers background information for assessing the spiritual significance of Islam from the point of view of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It contains the following 6 booklets:

Bagian 1: Apakah Orang Kristen dan Muslim Berdoa Kepada TUHAN YANG SAMA?
In many countries in both the West and the East people assume that Muslims and Christians pray to the same God. Can a follower of Jesus Christ accept this assessment? What biblical reasons can be put forward to challenge this verdict?
Bagian 2: Panggilan MENARA MESJID: Apakah Artinya Itu?
In many areas of the world, including an increasing number of Western countries, mosques with minarets are being built at a breathtaking pace. What are the consequences of this building activity and what does the Muezzin call down to Muslims from the top of the Minaret when he calls five times a day to come to prayer?
Bagian 3: Orang Yang Mengatakan Kristus Adalah ANAK ALLAH (Sura 9:30)
One of the main differences between Islam and Christianity is that Muslims vehemently contest the faith of Christians that Christ is the Son of God. Why do they do this? What in the Koran makes them attack this central Christian article of faith? And what follows spiritually from this aggressive attack against the triune God?
Bagian 4: Penyangkalan Islam Terhadap SALIB Kristus
Another main difference between Islam and Christianity is the Koranic denial of the fundamental message of the Gospel: Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins! Why do Muslims contest the historical fact of the crucifixion of Christ? What is the spiritual consequence of this Islamic suppression of the vicarious death of Christ for our sins?
Bagian 5: KESELAMATAN Dalam Alkitab Dan Dalam AlQuran
Since Muslims contest that Christ died on the cross, they also deny that we can be saved by faith in Christ. They openly deny the salvation offered in the substitutional death of Christ for our sins. How then do they hope to be saved and escape the punishment of hell? How does this Islamic doctrine of salvation contrast with the message of the Bible?
Bagian 6: Apakah Mereka Akan Pergi Ke NERAKA dan Kita Akan Pergi Ke SURGA?
Do Christians have the right to condemn Muslims for refusing the Gospel message of the death of Christ on the cross? What does the Koran teach concerning the question as to who will go to hell? How does this contrast with the Gospel teaching on hell?

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