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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 03 - SURVEY: Biblical PASSAGES in the Koran

060 -- NEW TESTAMENT Part 4 (Revelation) in the Koran

This eighth part of the Bible and fourth part of the New Testament (and in both the very last part) has 6,833 words, and 405 verses in the one book: The Revelation of John. Since the Koran has a rich eschatology it is not surprising that it has taken up a number of items from this part of the Bible.

INCLUDED: The Koran has more than 500 verses on eschatology and the afterlife. Of these some seem to take up specific material from the book of Revelation, even though usually in a different context and with a different, sometimes opposing, aim. Most other verses are loosely related to what the book of Revelation teaches. Here are some examples: // Christ is alive, prominent in heaven and near God: Sura 3:45; // that God speaks with Christ in heaven: Sura 5:116,117; // trumpets are blown in the context of the end of times: Suras 6:73 -- 20:102 -- 50:20 -- 78:18 and six other verses; // many passages of the Koran deal with the final judgment of Allah over every human being; examples are: Suras 19:66-73 -- 39:68-75 -- 69:13-37 -- 82 -- 83; // the result of this judgment is on the one hand eternal abode in Hell with abominable tortures, e.g.: Suras 14:18-20 -- 22:20-22 -- 78:17-30 -- 56:40-56; // the other option is eternal abode in gardens (Paradise) with sensual pleasures: the Garden (al-djanna), 62x -- two Gardens (al-djannataan), 3x e.g. Sura 55:44-62 -- many Gardens (al-djannaat), 57x -- Paradise (Firdaus), 2x in Suras 18:107 -- Garden Eden (jadnnat 'adan), 11x e.g. Sura 9,72.
OMITTED: Even though the verses of the Koran that deal with eschatology make up more than the verses of the book of Revelation, nevertheless it is important to note that most of the events mentioned in this last book of the Bible were omitted by the Koran. Here are some examples of what the Koran left out from this part of the Bible: // the chronology of events in End times; // the heavenly council (24 elders and living creatures around the throne of God); // Rapture; // the second coming of Christ; // persecution of Christ's followers in the great tribulation; // the prominent role of Israel in End times; // the cosmic catastrophes (Seal-, Trumpet- and Bowl-Judgments); // the great whore of Babylon; // Christ as the final judge; // the Millennium; // the new heaven and the new earth; // and finally the most important fact, which the Koran omitted from the book of Revelation and from the Bible in general: God is our Immanuel as reflected in the verse: “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and he will dwell among them, and they shall be his people, and God himself will be among them. ” (Revelation 21:3) -- Even though some of these points (e.g. the second coming of Christ, or the great tribulation) appear in Hadith literature, which emerged after the Koran, nevertheless it is important to see that these elements from the book of Revelation do not appear in the Koran.

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