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The Sharia of Moses in the TORA
Part 1 - The 248 Positive Commandments of the Tora


Leviticus 25:14 -- “And if you sell anything to your neighbor or buy from your neighbor's hand, you shall not oppress one another.”

While the establishment of a uniform law of sales, laying down and defining the methods of buying and selling, is the object of this commandment, the higher accountability of all men in respect of all their dealings is impressively affirmed by the sages in the same connection: “If the buyer has drawn produce into his possession from the seller but has not paid him the money, he cannot retract; if he has paid him the money but has not drawn the produce into his possession from the seller, he can retract. Howbeit the sages said: ‘He who punished the generation of the Flood (Gen. VI 13) and the generation of the Dispersion (ibid., XI, 9) will punish him who does not abide by His spoken word.’”*

* B.M. 44a


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