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The Sharia of Moses in the TORA
Part 2 - The 365 Prohibitions of the Tora


Leviticus 22:10 --No outsider shall eat the holy offering; one who dwells with the priest, or a hired servant, shall not eat the holy thing.”

Zar, “stranger”, means here anybody not descended from Aaron. Terumah is the heave offering, which was a gift to the priest, and includes, besides the heave offering proper, the heave offering of the tithe, the first fruits, and the dough offering chala.*

* Mishneh Torah, Zeraim, Hilchoth Terumoth X, 4

The Mishnah says in the second chapter of Bikkurim: “Through the heave offering and first fruits the penalty of death by the hand of Heaven may be incurred by a zar who eats them willfully; they are subject to the additional fifth (when a zar who eats them unintentionally makes restitution); and they are forbidden to non-priests.”*

* Bik. II, 1. (Sonc. ed. p. 394)


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