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The Sharia of Moses in the TORA
Part 2 - The 365 Prohibitions of the Tora


Deuteronomy 17:17 -- “Neither shall he multiply wives for himself, lest his heart turn away; nor shall he greatly multiply silver and gold for himself.”

In his “Moreh Nebuchim”, Maimonides makes the point emphatically clear: “There is a cause for every commandment; every positive or negative precept serves a useful object; in some cases the usefulness is evident… in others the usefulness is not so evident… Thus the Sages say (in reference to the words of Moses), for it is not a futile thing for you*: ‘It is not in vain, and if it is in vain, it is only through you.’ That is to say, the giving of the commandments is not a vain thing and without any useful object; and if it appears so to you in any commandment, it is owing to the deficiency in your comprehension.”**

* Deuteronomy 32:47
** Moreh Nebuchim III, 26


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