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The Sharia of Muhammad in the KORAN


In this compilation the following works were used:

  1. For the School of Law of the Hanafites (Abbreviation = Hanf):
    Al-Sarakhsi (died 1090 AD), al-Mabsut (32 volumes)
  2. For the School of Law of the Malikites (Abbreviation = Malik):
    Ibn al-Arabi (died 1240 AD), Ahkam al-Qur’an (4 volumes)
  3. For the School of Law of the Shafiites (Abbreviation = Shaf):
    Al-Mawardi (died 1058 AD), al-Hawi al-Kabir (20 volumes)
  4. For the School of Law of the Hanbalites (Abbreviation = Hanb):
    Ibn Qudama (died 1223 AD), al-Mughni (11 volumes)

The English translation of the Koran that is used is by George Sale.

Along side Koranic verses that follow in this compilation, you will find names of schools of law in parenthesis as well as a particular aspect of Sharia Law, also in parenthesis. The noted schools are ones that have quoted the verse to justify the corresponding aspect of their Sharia Law. If no school of law is listed, it is because the verse was not quoted in the Sharia reference works we consulted, however we have included the verse because it thematically relates to the subject concerned.

Overview and Statistics:

PART 1 – Commandments of the Koran that concern WORSHIP of Allah ( 'ibaadaat)
01. Tahaara (Ritual Purity)13 Verses
02. Qibla (Direction of Prayer)10 Verses
03. Salaat (Liturgical Prayer)96 Verses
04. Zakaat (Religious Taxes)83 Verses
05. Sawm (Fasting)11 Verses
06. Hajj (Pilgrimage)35 Verses
07. Dhabaa'ih (Sacrifices)14 Verses
08. Jihaad (Holy War)106 Verses
09. Ghaniima (Booty)9 Verses
TOTAL377 Verses
PART 2 – Commandments of the Koran that concern CONDUCT towards others (mu'aamalaat)
10. Nikaah (Marriage Contracts)72 Verses
11. Mahiidh (Menstrual Periods)4 Verses
12. Radaa' (Breast Feeding)7 Verses
13. Muhammad's Wives17 Verses
14. Jawaari (Girl Slaves)8 Verses
15. Talaaq (Divorce)36 Verses
16. Wasaaya (Wills and Testaments)8 Verses
17. Miiraath (Inheritance)15 Verses
18. Yataama (Orphans)11 Verses
19. Shahaada (Confession)17 Verses
20. Aymaan (Swearing an Oath)13 Verses
21. Tijaara (Sales and Trade)24 Verses
22. 'Uquud (Contracts)17 Verses
23. Amaanaat (Fiduciary)6 Verses
24. Quruud (Mortgages)4 Verses
25. Riba (Interest)8 Verses
26. At'ima (Food)33 Verses
27. Khamr (Wine)6 Verses
28. Sayd (Hunting)8 Verses
29. Qisaas (Punishment)8 Verses
30. Hiraaba (Highway Robbery)2 Verses
31. Qatl (Murder)12 Verses
32. Zina (Adultery)9 Verses
33. Qadhf (Slander)9 Verses
34. Sariqa (Theft)1 Verse
35. Ridda (Apostasy)8 Verses
TOTAL363 Verses

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