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How to Uncover Basic Flaws and Hidden Lies in Attacks against the Christian Faith
15. Common misconceptions about Presuppositional Apologetics

c) Presuppositional apologetics discounts the use of evidence

This is a very common misconception about presuppositional apologetics. Presuppositional apologetics does not discount the use of evidence. However, evidence is not used in the traditional manner - that is, an appeal to the authority of the unbeliever’s autonomous reason. Presuppositional apologetics holds that without the Christian theistic worldview there is no consistent basis upon which to either assume the possibility of autonomous reason, or prove anything at all.

As evidence doesn’t come to us uninterpreted, we need a framework for evidence to function at all. So the use of evidence without challenging an unbeliever’s system of thought or framework is not going to work. The main point here is that an unbeliever doesn’t have a framework to allow him to use evidence to start with, and only a Christian worldview allows anyone to do this.

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