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Discoveries in the Koran about Christ and Muhammad

8. Muhammad and Christ After Their Deaths

Muhammad was buried in Medina, and his grave is still there to this day. Muslims believe that his soul is in an intermediate place for the dead (Barzakh), awaiting the Day of Judgement.

We read in the Qur'an that God raised Christ to Himself, promising Him:

O Isa, I will cause you to die, and will raise you up to Me. (Sura Al Imran 3:55)

إِنِّي مُتَوَفِّيك وَرَافِعُك إِلَي (سُورَة آل عِمْرَان ٣ : ٥٥)

This promise is confirmed in the Qur'an as a fulfilled fact:

But Allah raised Him up to Himself. (Sura al-Nisa' 4:158)

بَل رَفَعَه اللَّه إِلَيْه (سُورَة النِّسَاء ٤ : ١٥٨)

In other words, God called the Son of Mary out of the grave and raised Him up to Himself. He now lives near God, being honored highly on earth and in eternity. The Qur'an testifies:

O Mariam, Allah gives you good tidings of a Word from Him whose name is the Messiah, Isa, the Son of Mary; highly honored in this world and the next, and brought near to Allah. (Sura Al Imran 3:45)

يَا مَرْيَم إِن اللَّه يُبَشِّرُك بِكَلِمَة مِنْه اسْمُه الْمَسِيح عِيسَى ابْن مَرْيَم وَجِيها فِي الدُّنْيَا وَالآخِرَة وَمِن الْمُقَرَّبِين (سُورَة آل عِمْرَان ٣ : ٤٥)

The grave of Christ is empty, for He indeed has risen, as He proclaimed beforehand. But the remains of Muhammad are still in his grave. Christ lives. Muhammad is dead. Muhammad has never been resurrected from the grave, neither has he risen up to heaven. There is an unbridgeable difference between life and death. As life is greater than death, so Christ is greater than Muhammad. Jesus is eternal life in person. The Qur'an itself clearly portrays the living Christ for all who search after eternal life.

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