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Astonishing Discoveries in the Koran

10. Quiz

Dear Reader,
if you have read this book carefully, you will be able to answer the following questions easily. We are ready to send you one of our books, free, as a reward for your efforts. Do not forget to write your complete name and address on your answer sheet.

  1. Which event started this study about Christ and Adam in the Koran?
  2. In which ways are Adam and Christ similar to each other?
  3. What did God say to Christ and what did he say to Adam?
  4. Where is Christ today? Where is Adam today? And how did they get there?
  5. What did the angels say about Christ, and what did they say about Adam?
  6. What does it mean that Christ is called “Word from God”?
  7. In what sense is Christ esteemed in the world and will be esteemed in the hereafter?
  8. Since Christ was brought near to God, what does this tell you about him today?
  9. Which miracles did Christ perform and what does this reveal about Christ's relationship to God?
  10. Why did Adam not perform any divine miracles?
  11. Why was Satan able to trick Adam into disobeying God?
  12. What is the difference between Adam and Christ in view of sin?
  13. In which way did God cooperate with Christ so that Christ was able to perform divine miracles?
  14. What, for you, is the biggest difference between Christ and Adam?

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