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Astonishing Discoveries in the Koran

9. Was Christ Like Adam?

Let me come to the conclusion of my inquiry. My search began with my astonishment about Christ having the audacity to change the Sharia of God. His saying, “But I say unto you, ...” had puzzled me and I tried to find out how and why Christ had the authority to say this.

First I consulted the standard way in which my Muslim teachers taught me to answer this question. I started with Sura Al 'Imran 3:59, which says that Christ was like Adam in that both were creatures of God. I first noted that in spite of this verse, Christ and Adam were nevertheless very different from each other: Adam was created from earth, but Christ not, and Christ was born of a woman, but Adam was not. In addition Christ and Adam were also the opposite of each other in view of their creation: The woman was taken out of Adam, but Christ was taken out of a woman, and Christ was first Spirit then body, while Adam was first body and then Spirit. This showed me that Christ could not be totally like Adam, as my Muslim teachers had implied in their arguments.

These findings were deepened, when I studied what God said to Adam and to Christ and what the angels said about Adam and Christ. Here the differences began to become very deep and mutually excluding.

-- Christ started on earth and ended up in heaven, where he now lives near God. But Adam started in heavenly Paradise, and ended up on earth, where he died and is now buried.
-- Christ is pure, like God, but Adam is impure, different from God.
-- Christ is one of those brought near (muqarrab) to God and therefore in a sense a “relative” (qareeb) of God; while Adam was taken away from God and therefore NOT in any sense a “relative” of God.
-- Christ IS a Word from God, which is divine and brings good; while Adam is NOT a Word from God, rather he brings corruption to the good, which God created with his Word.

Finally I broadened my inquiry and looked at still further Koran verses about Christ and Adam. The result was that the difference between Christ and Adam kept increasing to the point of becoming totally irreconcilable:

-- Christ created living beings, and in this act is like God, but Adam did NOT create any living being and therefore is not like God.
-- Christ made alive the dead, and also in this he is like God, while Adam did NOT bring any dead person back to life, and therefore is not like God.
-- Christ knew the unseeably hidden, which is a divine attribute; while Adam did NOT know the unseeably hidden punishment for his sin, and therefore had no such divine attribute.
-- Satan had power over Adam and caused him to stumble away from God's command, and thus Adam sinned. Adam had to confess his sin before God and ask him for forgiveness. However, over Christ Satan did NOT have any power, and therefore Christ NEVER stumbled away from God's command, and thus Christ NEVER sinned. This is why Christ NEVER had any sin to confess before God or to ask for forgiveness from God.
-- Christ remained obedient to God all his life and therefore God raised him to himself. But Adam was disobedient to God and therefore God degraded him away from heavenly Paradise down to earth. And finally
-- God confirmed Christ with the Spirit of Holiness to perform divine miracles and therefore Satan had no power over him. Adam, however, was NOT confirmed by God with any Spirit of Holiness and did NOT perform any divine miracle, and therefore he fell as a prey to Satan.

So on the background of these findings, was Christ like Adam? My answer is YES and NO.

YES, Christ was like Adam, because Christ became a human being through the agency of God, like Adam.

But also NO, Christ was not like Adam, rather he was and is like God, because

a) Christ shares the following names of God: the Living One (al-hayy), the Pure One (al-taahir), the One who brings to life / the Quickener (al-muhyiy), the Creator (al-khaaliq), and the Knower of the unsseeably hidden ('aalim al-ghayb).
b) Christ was raised to God in heaven and is now one of those near to God (min al-muqarrabeena) and therefore in a sense a “relative” of God (qareeb).
c) Christ is Word of God, which is divine, and Christ is Spirit of God, which is also divine.
d) God cooperated with Christ by confirming or endorsing him with the Spirit of Holiness so that Christ with the explicit permission of God was able to perform miracles, which revealed Christ's divine nature: he created living beings and made alive the dead.

From these findings in the Koran I concluded that what my Muslim teachers taught me was wrong. Christ was not totally equal to Adam in nature, but he was more than that. He had both a human nature and a divine nature. This became for me the deepest reason, why Christ had the authority to change the Sharia of God without sinning. For in everything he did, he lived in complete harmony with and obedience to God.

My personal conclusion was that I opened my heart to Christ and started to believe in him. And of course this meant that I opened up to the message of the Gospel, which Christ brought. I read the Gospel carefully and there I found deep and satisfying answers to many puzzling questions, which the Koran had left unanswered for me, like the following ones:

-- What is the meaning of the title "al-Masih" (the Christ)?
-- What does it mean that Christ is the Word of God?
-- What does it mean that Christ is Spirit from God?
-- Who is the Spirit of Holiness?
-- What makes God and the Spirit of Holiness holy?

My life has fundamentally changed. I no longer hate my enemies, but Christ has given me the power to love my enemies. I am no longer lost and in fear of the Day of Judgment, but through faith in Christ I have assurance that I have eternal life from God and with God. I invite you to follow my example and open up to Christ and his message in the Gospel. We are ready to send you other short booklets in which you can discover that Christ was not only like Adam, but also like God and what this means for your salvation and life here on earth and in the hereafter.

Christ said: “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; then you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30) You can read this passage in Arabic in the following beautiful calligraphy:

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