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16. Who Started Islam: Abraham or the Arabs?
Chapter 6. Summary and Outlook

6.2. Answers from the Suhuf Ibrahim

We now come to the Suhuf Ibrahim (scripture pages of Abraham) in the Hebrew Tawrat Musa (Torah of Moses), because its text originated not long after Abraham and his sons lived (see 3.5). It was compiled by Moses, who was a descendant of Abraham through Isaac, Jacob and Levi and who lived around 2200 years before Muhammad and his Arabs.

The answer from the Suhuf Ibrahim is simple and unequivocal: Islam was started by the Arabs and not by Abraham or Ishmael. We have seen several reasons for this:

First of all, there is no mention of Islam anywhere in the Suhuf Ibrahim. Specifically, Abraham is not described there as having submitted to Allah as a Muslim, something that the Koran claimed 2200 years later.

Then according to the Suhuf Ibrahim Abraham never visited Arabia or Mecca with his son Ishmael and he did not build a house there, which Muslims today identify with the Ka'ba in Mecca (see 2.3). Rather Abraham's son with his mother Hagar were sent out by Abraham into the wilderness of Beersheba in the south of Palestine and later Ishmael lived in the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula between Palestine and Egypt (see 2.2).

Also, Abraham was not an Arab, but a Hebrew man (see 4.5e). If Abraham would have started Islam, then there would be a Hebrew Islam in our world today, which is not the case. The only Islam in our world today is an Arab Islam.

And finally, the Suhuf Ibrahim give detailed genealogies of Abraham's ancestors (see 4.5c) and of his descendants (see 4.5d and 4.5e), which the Koran has omitted (see 4.5g). Even though some of the descendants of Abraham (through his son from Hagar and through his six later sons from Ketura) may have settled in the north and possibly also in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, nevertheless according to the Suhuf Ibrahim neither Abraham nor his first born son Ishmael settled in the Hijaz or in Mecca, as the Koran seems to suggest. Rather his sons from Ishmael settled in sandy desert lands between the Sinai Peninsula and the sandy deserts between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers near Assyria in present day Iraq (see 4.5e), which would at best include the northernmost reaches of the Arabian Peninsula (the Nafud desert).

So, since there is no trace in the Suhuf Ibrahim associating Abraham or Ishmael with Islam, Mecca or the Ka'ba, therefore the only logical answer from these Suhuf Ibrahim is that Islam was started by the Arabs of Muham­mad's time more than 2600 years after Abraham and Ishmael had lived.

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