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16. Who Started Islam: Abraham or the Arabs?
Chapter 6. Summary and Outlook

6.4. Consequences

How then must we answer the question about whether Abraham or the Arabs started Islam? If you listen to the Koran and to its enhancements by the Muslim Narrations this simple alternative becomes even worse, because these Muslim sources suggest that maybe it was Abraham, or maybe it was the Arabs, or maybe it was neither Abraham nor the Arabs that started Islam. In other words, the two-fold ambiguity or conflict (Abraham or the Arabs) addressed by the Muslim lady professors from South India is a simplification of an at least three-fold ambiguity or conflict (Abraham, or the Arabs, or neither of these two) inherent to Islam and to its sources (the Koran and Muslim Narrations). In other words, the question from South India cannot be resolved within Islam or on the basis of Islam's sources. On the contrary, if you look carefully at these Muslim sources the latent duplicity or contradiction (Abraham or the Arabs) becomes a latent triplicity or inconsistency (Abraham, the Arabs, or none of these two), which is more serious than the original question.

Only if you consult sources antecedent to Islam, namely the Suhuf Ibrahim (scripture pages of Abraham) in the Hebrew Tawrat Musa (Torah of Moses), can you resolve this question once and for all. Because there Abraham and Ishmael were not Muslims or in any way connected to Mecca. So, the answer on the basis of the Suhuf Ibrahim is that, of course, it was only the Arabs who started Islam two and a half millennia after Abraham and Ishmael lived. On the basis of this simple but decisive answer, it is possible to point to another fundamental fact: the claim that Abraham and Ishmael became Muslims and constructed the Ka'ba in Mecca is part of the Islam, which was started by the Arabs with and after Muhammad. In other words, the alternative, was it Abraham or the Arabs that started Islam, is in reality a fake alternative, because it shrouds the fact that it was the Arabs, who introduced the idea of Abraham and Ishmael being fundamental to Islam. Nobody before them ever claimed this.

So, what can you do in such a situation? A number of us, who have contributed to this booklet, were raised as Muslims. After discovering such ambiguities and inconsistencies in the Koran and Muslim Narrations -- and there are many more such contradicting alternatives in the foundational sources of Islam -- we opened our minds and hearts to the message of the Suhuf Ibrahim. There we discovered that there was not only a different teaching about who Abraham and Ishmael were and how they lived, but above all that the God of Abraham is different from the God of Arab Islam. By exposing ourselves to this God of Abraham, we discovered a completely new spiritual universe, irreconcilable with the spiritual universe of Arab Islam. We opened our hearts to this God of Abraham and have since forsaken the God of Arab Islam. Also, for those of us, who have contributed to this booklet, but who were not raised as Muslims, studies like this one makes it even more inconceivable for us to submit to the God of Arab Islam, because we have all we need and more than we need with the God of Abraham.

So, in order to resolve their question, our suggestion to the Muslim lady professors in South India is to read and study the Suhuf Ibrahim, about which the Koran itself speaks (see Sura al-A'la 87:18-19 quoted in 2.1 above). In this original scripture of Abraham, composed more than 2200 years before the Koran, you will not only find an answer to your question, but also discover a new spiritual world rooted in the God of Abraham. To help you in this quest beyond the Koran and Muslim Narrations with all their ambiguities, contradictions, inconsistencies and duplicities, we include below the detailed contents of the Suhuf Ibrahim, indicating which parts were taken up by the Koran and Muslim Narrations, and which parts were omitted. Also, we close this booklet by giving a summary of the message of the Suhuf Ibrahim and answering a final question: What did the God of Abraham start? For us this will give you the deepest answer to your truly important question about the origin of Islam.

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