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17. Understanding Islam

7.4. Christ knows the unknown

In the Qur’an Christ said:

“I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses.” (Qur’an 3:49)

Like many other things in the Qur’an, we get an incomplete statement which needs to be explained by commentators. Although this is likely to have been said by an adult Christ (as he was addressing the people of Israel), one commentator, Tabari, tells the following story:

“ ‘Isa used to talk to children at school about what their parents were doing and what they were storing or eating, and he would say to a child ‘go home, your family is hiding so and so, and they are eating so and so’. The child would go back home and ask for what they were hiding and would cry until he got it. When they asked the child ‘who told you?’ he would say ‘Isa, then the family would say ‘don’t play with that wizard,’ and they stopped the children playing with him. Once, all the children gathered in a house playing and ‘Isa came to play with them. He was told ‘nobody is here.’ He asked ‘What is the noise coming from the house then?’ They told him ‘It’s some pigs.’ ‘Isa said ‘so they are,’ and they all turned into pigs.” (Tabari, Qur’an Commentary on 3:49).

Here we see ‘Isa performing miracles for no purpose other than punishment of innocents.

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