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21. Supremacy of Light over the Power of Darkness

My Search For Power

It is not forbidden in Islam to seek protection by any means. With freedom my eyes were opened to search for power through the occult, witchcraft and other devices of power.

I joined a secret society called the Ancient Mystic Order of the Rosicrucians. In this organisation there are a lot of wicked deeds like secret celestial sanctums, using mirrors, astral travel, clairvoyance, candles of various types, the study of monographs and other matters. Astral travel is leaving your physical body and using your spiritual body to travel from place to place. In clairvoyance people who are members are trained through secret monographs, mirrors and special candles to see the useable. I would like the reader to know that I rose to the Ninth Degree of this order and the number of my temple was 1-978-717B. I joined this organisation in May 1968 and left them in December 1985. That I spent 17 years in such darkness! There is great ignorance in this aspect. We did not eat meat after a certain stage, but now I am free to eat any kind of meat. Praise God for this. This ignorance did not allow me to see the blood of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary.

I became a victim of many other secret societies such as Eckankar, Delawrence, Matamba, Super Majestic Power, Delta Brotherhood, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Astrologists, Palmists, Zamans and Sons, Witchcraft (both black and white - stage 3 and 4). Thus I was involved in a total of twelve such secret societies. To me these organisations are the most dangerous groups in the whole world. I encountered all these because I was in search of power.

Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11,28)

It is a pity that even in the camp of those who call themselves Christians there are those who are involved in one or the other of these secret societies. This means they are denying the blood with which Jesus bought them and therefore are hearkening to the power of darkness. I would like to give more details on some of these secret societies and how I got involved in them.

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