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21. Supremacy of Light over the Power of Darkness

The Day The Devil Deceived Me

In Jos, a city in Nigeria, there is an institution called The Excelsior Lodge. This organisation is wicked in the sense that their activities are of darkness. They use human blood and human flesh. I was deceived by the devil in April 1984 when I was introduced to this secret Excelsior Lodge. As I wanted to enter, to join them, I met an old man who was the watchman. I asked him how I could see any one to join the Lodge. He called the assistant Master of the Lodge. The man was dressed in a black suit and had a sword. He asked me a series of questions, especially, Do you bring? Do you come? Do you bring? He meant whether I was bringing someone to sell, or was coming to join them, or was bringing myself to sell. I wondered about the type of questions he was asking. I raised my hand and answered that I wanted to join them. I was welcomed in. In the first chamber he told me that he would tie my eyes and that he would bring meat on a tray so that I would take a piece, with the agreement that when I die the part which I took would be taken from my body. I agreed and did as he said. I took the flesh, ate it and later signed a form that on the day I die the part I ate will be removed from my body. The form is known as EL 3 Yakuma.

The next step was that I should go and bring a cock. I went and brought a cock, the agricultural type. The function of the cock was to pick up grains which were scattered in the Lodge. When I brought the cock I had not fed him for three days. A grain stands for one year of my life. My intention was to make the cock eat as many grains as possible in the Lodge. On that fateful day, when we sent for the meeting and grains were brought and scattered for the cock to eat, the most sorrowful thing happened: the cock took only one grain. This meant that I would have to die in December 1985. I even signed to die on that December 1985! It is a pity that people sign an oath with occultists, drunkards and adulterers but find it difficult to sign an oath with Jesus Christ who gives real power. But these people think it is a folly to look at Jesus on the Cross of Calvary so as to be saved. If you are among those involved or intending to be involved in such activities, I advise you to withdraw from your involvement or intention of getting involved and to accept Jesus Christ. In Jesus there is life and life more abundantly. (John 10:10) Why not accepting Him today and be saved? Tomorrow may be too late!

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