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21. Supremacy of Light over the Power of Darkness

My Other Evil Practices

So much was said about the wickedness in which I was involved. In addition I was active in what is called Duba (soothsaying) and Bugun Kasa (magical prayers at night).

I used charmed candles, black, green, red, orange, yellow, white ones, wicked candles and the giant candle “77777”. Every candle signified an act to befall a person. For example a red candle signifies danger in some one’s life.

I used Samnu, which is a spell, Alura, which is the magic piercing of dolls with needles to harm the person represented by the doll, and Kiran Kasko, which is the invocation of an image on a mirroring surface to do wicked things. Many people suffered from my hands and my associates.

We joined hands to train a Jihad Army in Kano. We got aid from the Arab World, especially from Muslim Organisations. The Zaria episode in 1978 was supported by a Muslim state who gave 7,000,000 (seven million) Dollars. When training the Jihad Army we got eleven million Dollars from a Muslim Organization. When we conducted the census of religious affiliation in Nigeria we got a support of seventeen million Dollars from the same source.

When our plans within the country were discovered, we decided to hold meetings outside Nigeria. We had meetings in Iran, Korea, Kuwait and Pakistan. I did many more activities, but I summarised these for you to get a comprehensive understanding and to know the acts of the devil in darkness. I am doing this to expose the devil. I do this with the authority which I was given by God, who wants us to expose the devil and his activities.

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