Grace and Truth

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21. Supremacy of Light over the Power of Darkness

On my Way to Christ

One preparatory episode on my way to Christ was when my mother died on August 8, 1980. Even though she had died, I kept conversing with her, only that I could not touch her physically. I am not saying that my mother was a devil, but I say that I used evil means to invoke her to my abode, and she used to appear.

I had a shrine. Whenever I entered it I would instruct my wives not to tell anyone that I was in it. I feared that people would tamper with my oval cord and I would die. This reckless and meaningless way of life continued in me. The time I was so powerful was about to end!

By 1982 I had made an attempt to receive Christ. But because of persecution and indecision I went back again into my former way of life and my wickedness increased a thousand times. This happened because at that point I had not surrendered completely to Christ.

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