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21. Supremacy of Light over the Power of Darkness

My Vision In Kano Before Repentance

In September 1985 I was sleeping in the Duala Hotel in Kano (northern Nigeria) where we went to preach in the name of Islam. The vision revealed many things to me, but being an unbeliever I did not give much attention to it.

As I was lying on bed I saw a mighty man enter the room where I was. The man woke me up and brought me out. He showed me a large field. The field was full of people, black and white, big and small. Some of them were wearing black clothes and some were wearing white clothes. The people wearing black dominated the field. The man told me to speak. I spoke and then the group wearing black changed, leaving only few people wearing black clothes. Since I was not a believer I did not search to know what God meant with this. I did not learn God’s lesson and I did not care about it. I neglected this vision and continued with my iniquity of persecuting Christians. The number we killed was so great that I cannot remember it. Today those to whom I preached and who have repented are more than those whom I killed!

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