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21. Supremacy of Light over the Power of Darkness

What Was The Reaction Of Muslims And Secret Cults?

When the news of my repentance spread to places, people were rejoicing and the angels did the same in heaven (Luke 15:7). There were festivals to celebrate my repentance, but people in Islam were not happy about it. They were confused. Some were saying that he had become mad, some that he had become an infidel. Even believers who knew me before doubted my repentance.

On a fateful Monday these people went and collaborated and filed a case with false accusations against me. The allegations were so vast that I will not mention them all. I was taken into police custody where I spent three days. From there I was charged in court where I was detained for 82 days. At that time I had four wives. Three deserted me while I was in prison. The reason they deserted me was that I had become an infidel. When I was out of prison the mob came and surrounded my residence, intending to kill me. I ran into the bush and spent five days there with no food, only water. In the bush I got my training from THIS MAN JESUS, THE CHRIST. When I came back from the bush I found that conditions had not changed. So I went to a nearby primary school and I opened the window and entered the school (Pantanci Primary School). I placed two benches next to each other to sleep on. At night, by around 10 p.m., I would go out and find something to eat. During daytime I would remain inside, for the school was on vacation. I spent 14 days in this primary school. On the twelfth day there the people went and poisoned the drinking water where my former first wife was, and five of the children took the water and died within forty hours. The remaining one died in October 1987 by the same hands.

Two of my four vehicles were destroyed and two were removed. I had a filling station which was also destroyed. My bread bakery was also destroyed. All my belongings were looted by fanatics. I was left with nothing except a bathing towel. My wife was forced to march a distance of no less than seventy kilometres.

When I saw that my condition was becoming more and more unfavourable I was seriously discouraged and decided to take away my life. I forgot what God said in Isaiah 28:16 that those who believe in Him should not make haste. (Thus says the Lord GOD, ‘Behold, I am laying in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation: ‘He who believes shall not make haste.’) I went to a medicine dealer where I bought twenty tablets of Valium 20 (a sedative). It was Saturday when I decided to take away my life. I swallowed all the 20 tablets thinking that I would die. But on a very bright Sunday I woke up very healthy with no weakness or headache. Again I decided to go and buy a rope. I bought the rope, a very strong rope. I tied the rope to the rafter, made a loop and jumped with my neck in the loop. As I was dangling I heard a voice saying: “NO! NO!!” Before I understood what was happening I found that I was on the ground. The rope was cut. I stood up, released the rope from my neck, and asked God: “What do you want me to do?”

From there I was reconciled with my God and was encouraged by the Spirit. I became composed and waited for the Lord to give me directions. On September 15, 1986, I was arrested when we preached at the Old Market in Gobe, Bauchi State. I was detained for fourteen days. After my release we moved to Dadin-Kowa, still in Gombe (Bauchi State), on January 30, 1987. I was again arrested on February 15, 1988 and detained for 59 days. In the prisons again, I thank God, I preached the word to as many as were in the prisons and many accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord. I was able to read my Bible five times with serious mediations.

One day, when we were sleeping, the Master, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the AMORC Lodge (Ancient Mystic Order of Rosicrucians) came and woke me up and asked where my Monographs were. I said that I had handed them over to Jesus Christ. Upon this the Master of the Lodge and his company ran away as fast as their feet could carry them. This was how AMORC reacted and up till now they are powerless.

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