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22. How can I be a witness for Christ to a Muslim?
Seven types of Muslims and how they can be shown the way to Christ

3. The traditional Muslim

Situation: Many Muslims try and order their lives according to the rules of Islam and hardly trouble themselves with the views of other people. They are occupied with themselves and hope to, by obedience to the Sharia of Islam, escape hell and be taken up to heaven. How can we testify about Christ to such Muslims?

Suggestion: Offer him a summary of the Biblical message.

Helpful resource: You can receive a booklet from us with the title: A Treasure Chest from Heaven. It contains 180 important Bible segments that offer a cross-section of the entire Biblical message, from Genesis to Revelation. These sections are so scripturally constructed that Muslims will be able to recognize the Biblical God, the entire story of salvation, Christ, their own sins, salvation in the gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit. Every verse is printed in German, Arabic and Turkish. Trust in the power of the word of God that it will take root in the hearts of traditional Muslims and lead them spiritually to salvation in Christ.

Witness: Brother Olvi in Bihar, a state in Northern India, uses this booklet with great success. Every year he and a team of helpers distribute 25,000 such booklets in many villages of India. This booklet speaks to many Muslims and some have already come to faith in Christ. An imam of one of the mosques wrote to him: “Every time I read ‘A Treasure Chest from Heaven` I receive peace in my heart. Please send me 200 of this booklet. I will lay them out at the entrance to our mosque, so that Muslim visitors might also receive this peace that it gives to me!” Sometimes God is full of humor: He uses Muslims to spread the message of the gospel, when this message is presented objectively and in a friendly manner.

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