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22. How can I be a witness for Christ to a Muslim?
Seven types of Muslims and how they can be shown the way to Christ

2. The Muslim engaged in Missionary Endeavor

Situation: Islam also recognizes missions. In the Qu’ran Muslims are summoned to call non-Muslims to Islam. How can we witness to a Muslim who is himself trying to convert us to Islam?

Suggestion: Make use of astounding mysteries from the Qu’ran, in order to cause the missions-minded Muslim to grow silent, or in order to cause him to reflect and consider. One of the mysteries regards the question: Who, according to Islam, is greater – Muhammad or Christ? The answer is startling: a) Muhammd was born in a totally normal way, through father and mother – Christ, on the contrary, was born in a miraculous way - of a virgin, without the assistance or involvment of a man (suras 3:49 and 61:6); b) Muhammad needed forgiveness for his guilt (suras 48:3; 40:56; 47:19) – while Christ, on the other hand, remained sinless (sura 19:19); c) Muhammad killed people – whereas Christ raised people from the dead (suras 3:49; 5:110); d) Muhammad is dead in his grave in Medina, while Christ lives and today is in heaven with God (suras 3:55; 4:158); and e) Muhammad only bears the honorable title Mustafa (the chosen) – Christ, on the other hand, bears the honorable title Kalimat-ul-llah (word of God). Therefore – according to the Qu’ran – Christ is greater than Muhammad.

Helpful resource: An extensive exposition of these comparisons in the Qu’ran can be taken from our 16 page brochure: The Qu’ranic Christ: An overview in the light of the Bible).

Testimony: My name is Aliyu and I live in Nigeria. When I was still a Muslim, I tried to destroy Christianity in my country. I had a lot of money, numerous accomplices and the best of connections to government ministers and local sultans. We long tried to battle the hated religion of Jesus. But our plans never came to fruition. I had the feeling that there was a hidden hand over the Christians in Nigeria, hindering us from doing them serious harm. I had memorized the Qu’ran and kept observing that Christ stood higher in the Qu’ran than Muhammad. Because I was fearful that other Muslims might try and contest my position, for protection I began to occupy myself with dark and hidden powers. I knew that I would go to hell, since I was making use of demonic powers of darkness. I finally became despaired. I sought out a Christian pastor to whom I could confess my sins and receive salvation in Jesus. But most of them were afraid of me, for they knew that I was their enemy. When I finally found someone and gave my life to Jesus, it was as if a great mountain of guilt fell from my shoulders. For the first time I experienced Christ as the source of light. The superabundant great power of the light over the forces of darkness became the motto of my life. Many Muslims have tried to kill me, but I am still alive and call to them, throughout the land, to follow the One who is stronger than Muhammad.

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