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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 09 - INVESTIGATE CHANGES: Examples of Biblical Texts on Adam Changed in the Koran - Analysis, Explanation and Application
09.1 - CHANGE EXAMPLE 1: Adam in the Garden and the interdiction to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:15-17 changed in the Koran)
09.1.3 - Element 3: God spoke to Adam

157 - Element 3: The TEXTS (Genesis 2:16a was changed in Sura 2:35a and Sura 7:19a)

BIBLE: “And Yahweh Elohim (the LORD God) commanded the Adam (human being), saying, … ” (Genesis 2:16a)
KORAN: Changed -- “And we (i.e. Allah) said, ‘O Adam! … ’ ” (Sura al-Baqara 2:35a) -- (After having addressed the Devil, he, i.e. Allah, said): “And ‘O Adam! …’ ” (Sura al-A'raf 7:19a)

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