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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
STAGE 2 - Biblical PASSAGES and Biblical PERSONALITIES in the Koran
UNIT 10 - CONCLUDE - Bring together all findings in a panorama on how biblical content about Adam was modified in the Koran
10.3 - Adam in Genesis 3

191 - Adam 15: SUPPLEMENT to: The LORD God condemned the snake

There is a different way of dealing with Genesis 3:14-15 in the Koran. Instead of regarding it as omitted, it is possible to correlate it with the Koranic addition, which we presented in Step 182 - Adam 07 above (the Devil disobeys Allah by not worshipping Adam). If we associate the omission of Adam 15 (judgment against the snake for seducing the woman) with the addition of Adam 07 (judgment against the Devil for not worshipping Adam), then we get a functional replacement in the Koran of an incident about the snake being replaced by an incident about Satan. In spite of all the differences between these two descriptions, there are some parallels between these two separate incidents in the Bible and the Koran. We present these parallels in the context of their contrasts in this supplement to Adam 15.

Texts -- BIBLE: Genesis 3:14-15 ---- ADDED to KORAN: Suras al-Baqara 2:34 -- al-A'raf 7:11-18 -- al-Hijr 15:28-43 -- al-Isra' 17:61-66 -- Ta Ha 20:116-117 -- Sad 38:71-85

Contrast 1 -- BIBLE: The situation is after the transgression of the woman and of Adam. -- KORAN: The situation is just after the creation of Adam.

Contrast 2 -- BIBLE: God did NOT command angels to worship Adam. NO angels worshipped Adam and there was NO refusal of the Devil to worship Adam. -- KORAN: Allah commanded all angels to worship Adam. All angels did worship Adam, only the Devil refused to worship him. >> Meaning >> BIBLE: Adam is NOT placed above the angels by commanding them to worship Adam. -- KORAN: Allah placed Adam above the angels by commanding them to worship Adam.

Contrast 3 -- BIBLE: Yahweh spoke to the snake (after questioning Adam and the woman about their sin). -- KORAN: Allah spoke to the Devil (after he refused to worship Adam).

Contrast 4 -- BIBLE: Yahweh did NOT put a question to the snake, and the snake did NOT give an excuse for doing something evil (seducing and lying to the woman). -- KORAN: Allah asked the Devil, “Why did you not worship Adam?” The Devil answered, “I was created before him. He should worship me!” >> Meaning >> BIBLE: NO place is given in the Bible for the snake to justify its evil deed before Yahweh. -- KORAN: Place is given for the Devil to justify his evil deed before Allah, and Allah does not refute his justification.

Contrast 5 -- BIBLE: Yahweh says to the snake: “Because you have done this (seduced the woman and caused her to sin), cursed are you among all animals.” He did NOT drive out the snake from the Garden of Eden. -- KORAN: Allah said to the Devil, “Because you are arrogant, get out of or go down from here (i.e. the Jannah garden). You shall be cursed until Judgment Day.” >> Meaning >> BIBLE: Yahweh holds the snake responsible for her evil and wily strategy of seducing the woman and therefore cursed the snake as an animal forever. -- KORAN: In the Devil's deed of not worshiping Adam, Allah saw an act of arrogance, which he punished. The punishment was expulsion from the Jannah garden and a temporary curse of the Devil until Judgment Day.

Contrast 6 -- BIBLE: The snake did NOT ask for a softer judgment by Yahweh and therefore Yahweh accepted NO such demand. Instead Yahweh said to the snake, “On your belly you will go. You shall eat dust all the days of your life.” -- KORAN: The Devil then said, “Give me respite until Judgment Day.” And Allah agreed by saying: “Respite is given to you until that Day.” The Devil is NEITHER caused to crawl on its belly NOR to eat dust.

Contrast 7 -- BIBLE: Yahweh then said to the snake, “I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and her (single) offspring.” NO mention of the snake assaulting the seed of the woman from all sides. NO mention of who cannot be assaulted. NO promise of filling Hell with the Devil and those who follow him. -- KORAN: Allah put NEITHER an enmity between the Devil and the woman, NOR between the Devil's offspring and her offspring. Instead the Devil said to Allah, “I will lie in ambush to the sons of Adam, and I will assault them from all sides and only your followers (i.e. Allah's Muslims) will escape.” To this prediction Allah responded. “I will fill hell with you all.” >> Meaning >> BIBLE: Yahweh did not give the snake power over the woman. By putting enmity between them he limited the influence of the snake. This especially applied on the one side to the (single) offspring of the woman, who is the Christ, and on the other side to the offspring of the Devil. The snake was NOT given room to disclose its strategy for the future, NOR would Yahweh have indirectly allowed such a strategy, as Allah did. Therefore, there was NO predetermination about who will be put into Hell in the Bible at this point. Also, this biblical passage does NOT allow for any occult dealings with the snake or its offspring. -- KORAN: Allah did NOT limit the influence of the Devil by putting enmity between him and the woman and between their respective offspring, and there is NO prediction by Allah of a single offspring in this context, who is Christ, who will destroy the work of the Devil. Instead Allah allowed the Devil to reveal his strategy of ambushing and assaulting the sons of Adam. These are true devilish revelations in the Koran. And it was the Devil himself, who limited the influence of his evil schemes, by saying that only the faithful servants of Allah (i.e. the Muslims) would escape his wily tactics. Allah did not object to this strategy of the Devil, rather he predetermined, who will be put into Hell already at this point in history. This is a fundamental koranic source of occult dealings with the Devil. It has determined and still determines the lives of many people in the Muslim world.!

Contrast 8 -- BIBLE: Yahweh concluded by prophesying, “He (the single seed of the woman) will trample upon your head and you will snatch or shatter his heel.” -- KORAN: Allah did NOT make such a prophecy. NO single offspring of the woman will shatter the head of the Devil according to the Koran, NOR will the Devil snatch or shatter the heel of this single seed of the woman. >> Meaning >> BIBLE: This is the first prophecy about Christ and his death on the cross in the Bible. It is fundamental, because it predicts a decisive victory over the snake in the future. Christ will conquer the snake and undo what it brought about, namely the death of Adam and his offspring. But this would come at a price: His heel will be shattered, when Christ will die on the cross. There will be no victory of the snake over the seed of the woman, because Christ would rise again on the third day to destroy death and the snake once and for all. -- KORAN: There is NO such prophecy about Christ and his death on the cross in the Koran, because the Koran SUPPRESSED any trace and possibility of a vicarious death of Christ on the cross (Surah 4:157). This means that the Devil will not be conquered according to the Koran, but given full reign over those who follow him.

SUMMARY -- BIBLE: The fall of Man is the subject or focus of the biblical passage here. -- KORAN: The fall of the Devil is the subject or focus of the koranic passages here. /// BIBLE: There is NO source of occult dealings with the snake in this biblical passage. -- KORAN: These koranic passages are the source of occult dealings with the Devil. /// BIBLE: This biblical passage furnished the first trace of salvation in Christ. -- KORAN: There is NO trace of salvation in Christ, which the koranic passages proclaim here.

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