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09. 基督教和伊斯兰教对比系列

Author: Abd al-Masih
This series compares four main elements of the Protestant Catechism (John 3:16, the Apostolic Creed, the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments) with the teachings of Islam (especially those of the Koran).

This course contains the following 4 BOOKS:

Comparisosns 1 - 福音五问古兰经

This book looks at the five elements of John 3:16 (God loves the world, vicarious death of the Son of God, believing, perishing and having eternal life) and compares each element with the teachings of Islam to come first to spiritual and then to practical conclusions from this comparison.)

Comparisosns 2 - 伊斯兰教中的安拉是谁?

This book compares the Christian confessions of faith (Apostolic Creed) with the Muslim confession of faith (Shahada)

Comparisosns 3 - 迷误者的祷告

This book compares the best known Christian prayer (Lord's Prayer) with the best know Muslim prayer (Sura al Fatiha)

Comparisosns 4 - 十诫

This book compares the Ten Commandments in the Tora of Moses with the Sharia of Islam that is rooted in the commandments of the Koran.

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