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The Sharia of Muhammad in the KORAN

Conduct 4 - Muhammads Wives

Sura al-Ahzab 33:6 (Hanf+Shaf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:6 (Shaf) - Muhammad’s Women
Sura al-Ahzab 33:6 (Hanb) - Wasaya (Wills)

33:6 The prophet [is] nigher unto the true believers than their own souls; and his wives [are] their mothers. Those who are related by consanguinity [are] nigher of kin the one of them unto the others, according to the book of God, than the [other] true believers, and the Mohâjerûn: Unless that ye do what is fitting and reasonable to your relations [in general]. This is written in the book [of God].

Sura al-Ahzab 33:27 (Shaf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:27 (Shaf) - Muhammad’s Women

33:27 and [God] hath caused you to inherit their land, and their houses, and their wealth, and a land on which ye have not trodden; for God is almighty.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:28 (Hanf+Shaf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:28 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - Muhammad’s Women
Sura al-Ahzab 33:28 (Malik) - Talaq (Divorce)

33:28 O prophet, say unto thy wives, if ye seek this present life, and the pomp thereof, come, I will make a handsome provision for you, and I will dismiss you with an honourable dismission:

Sura al-Ahzab 33:29 (Hanf+Shaf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:29 (Hanf+Shaf) - Muhammad’s Women
Sura al-Ahzab 33:29 (Hanf) - Talaq (Divorce)

33:29 But if ye seek God and his apostle, and the life to come, verily God hath prepared for such of you as work righteousness, a great reward.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:30 (Hanf+Malik) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:30 (Hanf+Malik) - Muhammad’s Women

33:30 O wives of the prophet, whosoever of you shall commit a manifest wickedness, the punishment [thereof] shall be doubled unto her twofold; and this is easy with God:

Sura al-Ahzab 33:31 (Hanf+Malik) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:31 (Hanf+Malik) - Muhammad’s Women

33:31 But whosoever of you shall be obedient unto God and his apostle, and shall do that which is right, we will give her reward twice, and we have prepared for her an honourable provision [in paradise].

Sura al-Ahzab 33:32 (Shaf) - Salat (Liturgical Prayers)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:32 (Hanf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:32 (Hanf) - Muhammad’s Women

33:32 O wives of the prophet, ye are not as other women: If ye fear God, be not too complaisant in speech, lest he should covet, in whose heart is a disease [of incontinence]; but speak the speech which is convenient.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:33 (Hanf+Malik+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:33 (Hanf+Malik) - Muhammad’s Women

33:33 And sit still in your houses; and set not out your selves with the ostentation of the former [time of] ignorance: And observe the appointed times of prayer, and give alms; and obey God, and his apostle; for God desireth only to remove from you the abomination [of vanity, since ye are] the houshold [of the prophet], and to purify you by a [perfect] purification.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:37 (Hanf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:37 (Hanf) - Muhammad’s Women

33:37 And [remember] when thou saidst to him unto whom God had been gracious, and on whom thou [also] hadst conferred favours, keep they wife to thy self, and fear God: And thou didst conceal that in thy mind which God had [determined] to discover, and didst fear men; whereas it [was] more just that thou shouldst fear God. But when Zeid had determined the matter concerning her, [and had resolved to divorce her], we joined her in marriage unto thee; lest a crime should be [charged] on the true believers, in [marrying] the wives of their adopted [sons], when they have determined the matter concerning them: And the command of God is to be performed.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:40 (Malik) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:40 (Malik) - Muhammad’s Women

33:40 Mohammed is not the father of any man among you; but the apostle of God, and the seal of the prophets: And God knoweth all things.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:50 (Hanf+Malik+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:50 (Hanf+Malik) - Muhammad’s Women

33:50 O prophet, we have allowed thee thy wives unto whom thou hast given their dower, and also the [slaves] which thy right hand possesseth, of the [booty] which God hath granted thee; and the daughters of thy uncle, and the daughters of thy aunts, both on thy father's side, and on thy mother's side, who have fled with thee [from Mecca], and any [other] believing woman, if she give herself unto the prophet; in case the prophet desireth to take her to wife. [This is] a peculiar privilege [granted] unto thee, above the rest of the true believers. We know what we have ordained them concerning their wives, and the [slaves] whom their right hands possess: Lest it should be [deemed] a crime in thee [to make use of the privilege granted thee]; for God is gracious [and] merciful.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:51 - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:51 - Muhammad’s Women

33:51 Thou mayest postpone the turn of such of [thy wives] as thou shalt please, [in being called to thy bed]; and thou mayest take unto thee her whom thou shalt please, and her whom thou shalt desire of those whom thou shalt have [before] rejected: And [it shall be] no crime in thee. This [will] be more easy, that they may be entirely content, and may not be grieved, but may be well pleased with what thou shalt give every of them: God knoweth whatever [is] in your hearts; and God is knowing [and] gracious.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:52 (Hanf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:52 (Hanf) - Muhammad’s Women

33:52 It shall not be lawful for thee [to take other] women [to wife] hereafter, nor to exchange [any] of [thy] wives for them, although their beauty please thee; except the [slaves] whom thy right hand shall possess: And God observeth all things.

Sura al-Ahzab 33:53 (Hanf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ahzab 33:53 (Hanf) - Muhammad’s Women

33:53 O true believers, enter not the houses of the prophet, unless it be permitted you to [eat] meat [with him], without waiting his convenient time: But when ye are invited, then enter. And when ye shall have eaten, disperse yourselves; and [stay] not to enter into familiar discourse: For this incommodeth the prophet. He is ashamed [to bid] you [depart]; but God is not ashamed of the truth. And when ye ask of [the prophet's wives] what ye may have occasion for, ask [it] of them from behind a curtain. This will be more pure for your hearts and their hearts. Neither is it [fit] for you to give any uneasiness to the apostle of God, or to marry his wives after him for ever: For this would be a grievous thing in the sight of God.

Sura al-Talaq 65:1 (Malik+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Talaq 65:1 (Malik) - Muhammad’s Women
Sura al-Talaq 65:1 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Talaq (Divorce)

65:1 O prophet, when ye divorce women, put them away at their appointed term; and compute the term [exactly]: And fear God, your Lord. Oblige them not to go out of their apartments, neither let them go out, [until the term be expired], unless they be guilty of manifest uncleanness. These [are] the statutes of God: And whoever transgresseth the statutes of God, assuredly injureth his own soul: Thou knowest not whether God will bring something new to pass, [which may reconcile them], after this.

Sura al-Tahrim 66:1 (Malik+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Tahrim 66:1 - Mahidh (Menstruation)
Sura al-Tahrim 66:1 (Hanf) - Muhammad’s Women

66:1 O prophet, why holdest thou that to be prohibited which God hath allowed thee, seeking to please thy wives; since God [is] inclined to forgive [and] merciful?

Sura al-Tahrim 66:5 - Muhammad’s Women
Sura al-Tahrim 66:5 - Talaq (Divorce)

66:5 If he divorce you, his Lord can easily give him in exchange other wives better than you, [women] resigned [unto God], true believers, devout, penitent, obedient, given to fasting, [both such as have been] known by other men, and virgins.


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