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The Sharia of Muhammad in the KORAN

Conduct 5 - Girl Slaves (jawaarii)

Sura al-Nisa' 4:3 (Hanf+Malik+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:3 (Hanf) - Jawari (Slaves)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:3 (Shaf) - Yatama (Orphans)

4:3 And if ye fear that ye shall not act with equity towards orphans [of the female sex], take in marriage of such [other] women as please you, two, or three, or four, [and not more]. But if ye fear that ye cannot act equitably [towards so many, marry] one [only], or the slaves which ye shall have acquired. This will be easier, that ye swerve not [from righteousness].

Sura al-Nisa' 4:24 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:24 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Jawari (Slaves)

4:24 [Ye are] also [forbidden to take to wife] free women [who are married], except those [women] whom your right hands shall possess [as slaves. This is] ordained you from God. Whatever is beside this, is allowed you; that ye may with your substance provide [wives] for your selves, acting that which is right, and avoiding whoredom. And for the advantage which ye receive from them, give them their reward, according to what is ordained: But it shall be no crime in you to make any other agreement among your selves, after the ordinance [shall be complied with]; for God is knowing and wise.

Sura al-Nisa' 4:25 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:25 (Shaf) - Jawari (Slaves)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:25 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Zina (Adultery)

4:25 Whoso among you hath not means sufficient that he may marry free women, who are believers, [let him marry] with such of your maid-servants whom your right hands possess, as are true believers; for God well knoweth your faith. Ye are the one from the other: Therefore marry them with the consent of their masters; and give them their dower according to justice; [such as are] modest, not guilty of whoredom, nor entertaining lovers. And when they are married, if they be guilty of adultery, they shall suffer half the punishment which [is appointed] for the free women. This is [allowed] unto him among you, who feareth to sin [by marrying free women]; but if ye abstain [from marrying slaves, it will be] better for you; God is gracious and merciful.

Sura al-Ma'ida 5:6 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Tahara (Ritual Purity)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:6 (Shaf) - Salat (Liturgical Prayers)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:6 (Hanf) - Zakat (Religious Taxes)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:6 - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:6 - Jawari (Slaves)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:6 (Malik) - At'ima (Food)

5:6 O true believers, when ye prepare your selves to pray, wash your faces, and your hands unto the elbows; and rub your heads, and your feet unto the ancles; and if ye be polluted by having lain with a woman, wash your selves [all over]. But if ye be sick, or on a journey, or any of you cometh from the privy, or [if] ye have touched women, and ye find no water, take fine clean sand, and rub your faces and your hands therewith; God would not put a difficulty upon you; but he desireth to purify you, and to compleat his favour upon you, that ye may give thanks.

Sura al-Mu'minun 23:6 (Hanf) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Mu'minun 23:6 (Hanb) - Jawari (Slaves)

23:6 except their wives, or the [captives] which their right hands possess; - for [as to them] they shall be blameless:

Sura al-Nur 24:32 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Nur 24:32 (Hanf+Malik) - Jawari (Slaves)

24:32 Marry those who are single among you, and such as are honest of your men-servants, and your maid-servants: If they be poor, God will enrich them of his abundance; for God [is] bounteous [and] wise.

Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Malik) - Zakat (Religious Taxes)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Shaf+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Hanf+Hanb) - Jawari (Slaves)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Hanb) - Yatama (Orphans)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Malik+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Hanf+Malik) - Zina (Adultery)

24:33 And let those who find not a match, keep themselves [from fornication], until God shall enrich them of his abundance. And unto such of your slaves as desire a written instrument [allowing them to redeem themselves on paying a certain sum], write [one], if ye know good in them; and give them of the riches of God, which he hath given you. And compel not your maid-servants to prostitute themselves, if they be willing to live chastly; that ye may seek the casual [advantage] of this present life: But whoever shall compel them [thereto], verily God [will be] gracious [and] merciful [unto such women] after their compulsion.

Sura al-Rum 30:8 (Hanf) - Jawari (Slaves)

30:8 Do they not consider within themselves that God hath not created the heavens and the earth, and whatever [is] between them, otherwise than in truth, and [hath set them] a determined period? Verily a great number of men reject the belief of [their future] meeting their Lord [at the resurrection].


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