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The Sharia of Muhammad in the KORAN

Conduct 12 - Sales and Trade (tijaara)

Sura al-Baqara 2:188 (Malik) - Sawm (Fasting)
Sura al-Baqara 2:188 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Baqara 2:188 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Riba (Interest)

2:188 Consume not your wealth among your selves in vain; nor present it unto judges, that ye ma devour part of men's substance unjustly, against your own consciences.

Sura al-Baqara 2:197 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Hajj (Pilgrimage)
Sura al-Baqara 2:197 (Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)

2:197 The pilgrimage [must be performed in] the known months; whosoever therefore purposeth to go on pilgrimage therein, let him not know a woman, nor transgress, nor quarrel in the pilgrimage. The good which ye do, God knoweth it. Make provision [for your journey]; but the best provision is piety: And fear me, o ye of understanding.

Sura al-Baqara 2:235 (Hanf+Shaf+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Baqara 2:235 (Hanb) - Talaq (Divorce)
Sura al-Baqara 2:235 (Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)

2:235 And it shall be no crime in you, whether ye make public overtures of marriage unto [such] women, [within the said four months and ten days], or whether ye conceal [such your designs] in your minds: God knoweth that ye will remember them. But make no promise unto them privately, unless ye speak honourable words; and resolve not on the knot of marriage, until the prescribed time be accomplished; and know that God knoweth that which is in your minds, therefore beware of him, and know that God is gracious and merciful.

Sura al-Baqara 2:275 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)

2:275 They who devour usury shall not arise [from the dead], but as he ariseth whom Satan hath infected by a touch: This [shall happen to them] because they say. Truly selling is but as usury: And yet God hath permitted selling and forbidden usury. He therefore who when there cometh unto him an admonition from his Lord, abstaineth [from usury for the future], shall have what is past [forgiven him], and his affair belongeth unto God. But whoever returneth [to usury], they shall be the companions of [hell] fire, they shall continue therein for ever.

Sura al-Baqara 2:279 (Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Baqara 2:279 (Malik+Hanb) - Riba (Interest)

2:279 but if ye do it not, hearken unto war, [which is declared against you] from God and his apostle: Yet if ye repent, ye shall have the capital of your money. Deal not unjustly [with others], and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly.

Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanb) - Wasaya (Wills)
Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Shahada (Confession)
Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)
Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - Qurud (Mortgaging)

2:282 O true believers, when ye bind yourselves one to the other in a debt for a certain time, write it down; and let a writer write between you according to justice, and let not the writer refuse writing according to what God hath taught him; but let him write, and let him who oweth the debt dictate, and let him fear God his Lord, and not diminish ought thereof. But if he who oweth the debt be foolish, or weak, or be not able to dictate himself, let his agent dictate according to equity; and call to witness two witnesses of your [neighbouring] men; but if there be not two men, [let there be] a man and two women of those whom ye shall choose for witnesses: If one of those [women] should mistake, the other of them will cause her to recollect. And the witnesses shall not refuse, whensoever they shall be called. And disdain not to write it down, be it a large [debt], or be it a small one, until its time [of payment]: This will be more just in the sight of God, and more right for bearing witness, and more easy, that ye may not doubt. But if it be a present bargain which ye transact between your selves, it shall be no crime in you, if ye write it not down. And take witnesses when ye sell one to the other, and let no harm be done to the writer, nor to the witness; [which] if ye do, it will surely be injustice in you: And fear God, and God will instruct you, for God knoweth all things.

Sura al-Baqara 2:283 (Hanf+Shaf+Hanb) - Shahada (Confession)
Sura al-Baqara 2:283 (Hanf+Malik+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Baqara 2:283 (Hanf+Malik+Hanb) - Amanat (Fiduciary)
Sura al-Baqara 2:283 (Hanf+Malik) - Qurud (Mortgaging)

2:283 And if ye be on a journey, and find no writer, [let] pledges be taken: But if one of you trust the other, let him who is trusted return what he is trusted with, and fear God his Lord. And conceal not the testimony, for he who concealeth it, hath surely a wicked heart: God knoweth that which ye do.

Sura al-Nisa' 4:2 (Hanf+Malik+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)

4:2 And give the orphans [when they come to age] their substance; and render [them] not in exchange bad for good: And devour not their substance, [by adding it] to your own substance; for this is a great sin.

Sura al-Nisa' 4:5 (Hanf+Malik+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)

4:5 And give not unto those who are weak of understanding, the substance which God hath appointed you to preserve [for them]; but maintain them thereout, and clothe them, and speak kindly unto them.

Sura al-Nisa' 4:6 (Malik) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:6 - Mirath (Inheritance)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:6 - Yatama (Orphans)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:6 (Hanf+Shaf+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:6 (Malik) - At'ima (Food)

4:6 And examine the orphans until they attain [the age] of marriage: But if ye perceive they are able to manage their affairs well, deliver their substance unto them; and waste it not extravagantly, or hastily, because they grow up. Let him who is rich abstain [entirely from the orphans estates]; and let him who is poor take [thereof] according to what shall be reasonable. And when ye deliver their substance unto them, call witnesses [thereof] in their presence: God taketh sufficient account [of your actions].

Sura al-Nisa' 4:10 (Hanf+Malik) - Mirath (Inheritance)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:10 (Hanf+Malik) - Yatama (Orphans)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:10 - Tijara (Trade)

4:10 Surely they who devour the possessions of orphans unjustly, shall swallow down nothing but fire into their bellies, and shall broil in raging flames.

Sura al-Nisa' 4:12 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Wasaya (Wills)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:12 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Mirath (Inheritance)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:12 (Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)

4:12 Moreover ye may claim half of what your wives shall leave, if they have no issue; but if they have issue, then ye shall have the fourth part of what they shall leave, after the legacies which they shall bequeath, and the debts [be paid]. They also shall have the fourth part of what ye shall leave, in case ye have no issue; but if ye have issue, then they shall have the eighth part of what ye shall leave, after the legacies which ye shall bequeath, and your debts [be paid]. And if a man or woman's [substance] be inherited by a distant relation, and he [or she] have a brother or sister; each of them two shall have a sixth part [of the estate]. But if there be more than this [number], they shall be [equal] sharers in a third part, after [payment] of the legacies which shall be bequeathed, and the debts, without prejudice [to the heirs. This is] an ordinance from God: And God is knowing and gracious.

Sura al-Nisa' 4:29 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:29 (Malik+Hanb) - Qatl (Murder)

4:29 O true believers, consume not your wealth among your selves in vanity; unless there be merchandizing among you by mutual consent: neither slay your selves; for God is merciful towards you:

Sura al-Nisa' 4:92 (Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Nisa' 4:92 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Qatl (Murder)

4:92 It is not [lawful] for a believer to kill a believer, unless [it happen] by mistake; and whoso killeth a believer by mistake, [the penalty shall be] the freeing of a believer from slavery, and a fine to be paid to the family of [the deceased], unless they remit [it] as alms: And if [the slain person] be of a people at enmity with you, and be a true believer, [the penalty shall be] the freeing of a believer; but if he be of a people in confederacy with you, a fine to be paid to his family, and the freeing of a believer. And he who findeth not [wherewith to do this], shall fast two months consecutively, [as] a penance [injoined] from God; and God is knowing and wise.

Sura al-An'am 6:152 - Tijara (Trade)

6:152 And meddle not with the substance of the orphan, otherwise than for the improving [thereof], until he attain his age of strength; and use a full measure, and a just balance. We will not impose [a task] on [any] soul, beyond its ability. And when ye pronounce [judgement] observe justice, although it be [for or against] one who is near of kin, and fulfill the covenant of God. This hath [God] commanded you, that ye may be admonished;

Sura al-Isra' 17:34 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - Yatama (Orphans)
Sura al-Isra' 17:34 - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Isra' 17:34 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

17:34 And meddle not with the substance of the orphan, unless it be to improve it, until he attain his age of strength: And perform [your] covenant; for the [performance of your] covenant shall be inquired into [hereafter].

Sura al-Isra' 17:35 - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Isra' 17:35 (Malik) - Qisas (Punishment)
Sura al-Isra' 17:35 (Malik) - Qatl (Murder)

17:35 And give full measure, when you measure [ought]; and weigh with a just balance. This will be better, and more easy for determining [every man's due].

Sura al-Shu'ara' 26:181 - Tijara (Trade)

26:181 Give just measure, and be not defrauders;

Sura al-Shu'ara' 26:182 - Tijara (Trade)

26:182 and weigh with an equal balance;

Sura al-Shu'ara' 26:183 - Tijara (Trade)

26:183 and diminish not unto men [ought] of their matters; neither commit violence in the earth, acting corruptly.

Sura al-Rahman 55:8 - Tijara (Trade)

55:8 that ye should not transgress in respect to the balance:

Sura al-Hashr 59:7 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - Ghanima (Booty)
Sura al-Hashr 59:7 (Hanf+Malik) - Tijara (Trade)

59:7 [The spoils] of the inhabitants of the towns which God hath granted to his apostle, [are due] unto God and to the apostle, and him who is of kin [to the apostle], and the orphans, and the poor, and the traveller; that they may not be [for ever divided] in a circle among such of you as are rich: What the apostle shall give you, that accept; and what he shall forbid you, [that] abstain from: And fear God; for God [is] severe in chastising.

Sura al-Ma'arij 70:32 - Tijara (Trade)

70:32 And those who faithfully keep what they are intrusted with, and their covenant;

Sura al-Mutaffafin 83:3 (Malik) - Tijara (Trade)

83:3 but when they measure unto them, or weigh unto them, defraud!


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