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The Sharia of Muhammad in the KORAN

Conduct 13 - Contracts ( 'uquud)

Sura al-Baqara 2:177 - Qibla (Prayer Direction)
Sura al-Baqara 2:177 - Salat (Liturgical Prayer)
Sura al-Baqara 2:177 (Hanf+Hanb) - Zakat (Religious Taxes)
Sura al-Baqara 2:177 (Hanf+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

2:177 It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces [in prayer] towards the east and the west, but righteousness is of him who believeth in God and the last day, and the angels, and the scriptures, and the prophets; who giveth money for [God's] sake unto his kindred, and unto orphans, and the needy, and the stranger, and those who ask, and for redemption of captives; who is constant at prayer, and giveth alms; and of those who perform their covenant, when they have covenanted, and who behave themselves patiently in adversity, and hardships, and in time of violence: These are they who are true, and these are they who fear [God].

Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanb) - Wasaya (Wills)
Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Shahada (Confession)
Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)
Sura al-Baqara 2:282 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - Qurud (Mortgaging)

2:282 O true believers, when ye bind yourselves one to the other in a debt for a certain time, write it down; and let a writer write between you according to justice, and let not the writer refuse writing according to what God hath taught him; but let him write, and let him who oweth the debt dictate, and let him fear God his Lord, and not diminish ought thereof. But if he who oweth the debt be foolish, or weak, or be not able to dictate himself, let his agent dictate according to equity; and call to witness two witnesses of your [neighbouring] men; but if there be not two men, [let there be] a man and two women of those whom ye shall choose for witnesses: If one of those [women] should mistake, the other of them will cause her to recollect. And the witnesses shall not refuse, whensoever they shall be called. And disdain not to write it down, be it a large [debt], or be it a small one, until its time [of payment]: This will be more just in the sight of God, and more right for bearing witness, and more easy, that ye may not doubt. But if it be a present bargain which ye transact between your selves, it shall be no crime in you, if ye write it not down. And take witnesses when ye sell one to the other, and let no harm be done to the writer, nor to the witness; [which] if ye do, it will surely be injustice in you: And fear God, and God will instruct you, for God knoweth all things.

Sura al-Ma'ida 5:1 - Dhaba'ih (Sacrifice)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:1 (Hanf+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:1 (Hanf+Shaf) - At'ima (Food)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:1 (Hanf+Hanb) - Sayd (Hunting)

5:1 O true believers, perform your contracts. Ye are allowed [to eat] the brute cattle, other than what ye are commanded [to abstain from], except the game which ye are allowed [at other times, but not] while ye are on pilgrimage [to Mecca]; God ordaineth that which he pleaseth.

Sura al-Ma'ida 5:106 (Hanf+Shaf+Hanb) - Wasaya (Wills)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:106 (Hanf+Shaf+Hanb) - Shahada (Confession)
Sura al-Ma'ida 5:106 (Hanf+Shaf+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

5:106 O true believers, let witnesses be taken between you, when death approaches any of you, at the time of [making] the testament; [let there be] two [witnesses], just men, from among you; or two others of [a] different [tribe or faith] from your selves, if ye be journeying in the earth, and the accident of death befal you. Ye shall shut them both up, after the [afternoon] prayer, and they shall swear by God, if ye doubt [them, and they shall say], we will not sell [our evidence] for a bribe, although [the person concerned] be one who is related [to us], neither will we conceal the testimony of God, for then should we certainly be [of the number] of the wicked.

Sura al-A'raf 7:85 - 'Uqud (Contracts)

7:85 And unto Madian [we sent] their brother Shoaib. He said [unto them], o my people, worship God; ye have no God besides him. Now hath an evident demonstration come unto you from your Lord. Therefore give full measure and just weight, and diminish not unto men [ought of] their matters; neither act corruptly in the earth, after its reformation. This will be better for you, if ye believe.

Sura al-Anfal 8:56 (Hanb) - Jihad (Holy War)
Sura al-Anfal 8:56 - 'Uqud (Contracts)

8:56 As to those who enter into a league with thee, and afterwards violate their league at every [convenient] opportunity, and fear not God;

Sura al-Anfal 8:58 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - Jihad (Holy War)
Sura al-Anfal 8:58 (Malik+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

8:58 or if thou apprehend treachery from any people, throw back [their league] unto them, with like treatment; for God loveth not the treacherous.

Sura al-Tawba 9:4 (Hanf+Shaf) - Jihad (Holy War)
Sura al-Tawba 9:4 (Shaf+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

9:4 Except such of the idolaters with whom ye shall have entred into a league, and who afterwards shall not fail you in any instance, nor assist any [other] against you. Wherefore perform the covenant [which ye shall have made] with them, until their time [shall be elapsed]; for God loveth those who fear [him].

Sura al-Tawba 9:12 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - Jihad (Holy War)
Sura al-Tawba 9:12 (Malik) - Ayman (Oaths)
Sura al-Tawba 9:12 (Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

9:12 But if they violate their oaths, after their league, and revile your religion, oppose the leaders of infidelity, - for there is no trust in them, - that they may desist [from their treachery].

Sura al-Ra'd 13:25 (Malik) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

13:25 But as for those who violate the covenant of God, after the establishment thereof, and [who] cut in sunder that which God hath commanded to be joined, and act corruptly in the earth, on them shall a curse [fall], and they shall have a miserable dwelling [in hell].

Sura al-Nahl 16:91 (Hanb) - Yatama (Orphans)
Sura al-Nahl 16:91 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Ayman (Oaths)
Sura al-Nahl 16:91 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

16:91 Perform [your] covenant with God, when ye enter into covenant [with him]; and violate not [your] oaths, after the ratification thereof; since ye have made God a witness over you. Verily God knoweth that which ye do.

Sura al-Isra' 17:34 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - Yatama (Orphans)
Sura al-Isra' 17:34 - Tijara (Trade)
Sura al-Isra' 17:34 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

17:34 And meddle not with the substance of the orphan, unless it be to improve it, until he attain his age of strength: And perform [your] covenant; for the [performance of your] covenant shall be inquired into [hereafter].

Sura al-Hajj 22:29 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Hajj (Pilgrimage)
Sura al-Hajj 22:29 (Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

22:29 Afterwards let them put an end to the neglect of their persons; and let them pay their vows, and compass the ancient house.

Sura al-Nur 24:4 (Hanf+Malik) - Shahada (Confession)
Sura al-Nur 24:4 (Hanf+Malik) - 'Uqud (Contracts) Sura al-Nur 24:4 (Hanb) - Zina (Adultery)
Sura al-Nur 24:4 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Qadf (Slander)

24:4 But [as to] those who accuse women of reputation [of whoredom], and produce not four witnesses [of the fact], scourge them with fourscore stripes, and receive not their testimony for ever; for such are infamous prevaricators:

Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Malik) - Zakat (Religious Taxes)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Shaf+Hanb) - Nikah (Marriage)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Hanf+Hanb) - Jawari (Slaves)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Hanb) - Yatama (Orphans)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Malik+Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)
Sura al-Nur 24:33 (Hanf+Malik) - Zina (Adultery)

24:33 And let those who find not a match, keep themselves [from fornication], until God shall enrich them of his abundance. And unto such of your slaves as desire a written instrument [allowing them to redeem themselves on paying a certain sum], write [one], if ye know good in them; and give them of the riches of God, which he hath given you. And compel not your maid-servants to prostitute themselves, if they be willing to live chastly; that ye may seek the casual [advantage] of this present life: But whoever shall compel them [thereto], verily God [will be] gracious [and] merciful [unto such women] after their compulsion.

Sura al-Talaq 65:2 (Hanf+Malik+Shaf+Hanb) - Talaq (Divorce)
Sura al-Talaq 65:2 (Hanf+Malik+Hanb) - Shahada (Confession)
Sura al-Talaq 65:2 (Hanf+Malik) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

65:2 And when they shall have fulfilled their term, either retain them with kindness, or part from them honourably: And take witnesses from among you, men of integrity; and give [your] testimony as in the presence of God: This admonition is given unto him who believeth in God and the last day: And whoso feareth God, unto him will he grant a [happy] issue [out of all his afflictions],

Sura al-Insan 76:7 (Hanb) - 'Uqud (Contracts)

76:7: [These] fulfil [their] vow, and dread the day, the evil whereof will disperse itself far abroad;


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