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16. Who Started Islam: Abraham or the Arabs?
Chapter 3. Did Abraham visit Mecca?

3.1. Why do Muslims believe that Abraham visited Mecca?

Since the Koran does not give any geographical information about the places, which Abraham visited, why then do many Muslims believe that Abraham and Ishmael and Hagar lived or at least stayed for some time in what today is called Mecca? The Koran does not mention the name Mecca and specifically not in connection with Abraham and Hagar and Ishmael (the name Hagar is not mentioned in the Koran at all). Muslims seem to base this their belief of Abraham having been in Mecca on interpretations of certain verses of the Koran and on Hadith sayings (Narrations), which we will look at in some detail now.

Before we do this, it is important to note that there is no tomb of Abraham in Mecca or anywhere in Arabia, because Abraham's tomb today is in Hebron, Palestine (the West Bank). About the tomb of Hagar and of Ishmael Muslims are divided. Most say there is no tomb of Hagar or of Ishmael in Mecca or Arabia. But some say that they were buried right next to the Kaaba on its northern side and that this place is kept apart by a semi-circular small wall, called by some the Hijr Ismail (the shelter of Ishmael) or the Hateem. Anyway, there is no sepulcher of Hagar or of Ishmael there like there is for the tomb of Muhammad in Medina or the tomb of Abraham in Hebron.

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