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16. Who Started Islam: Abraham or the Arabs?
Chapter 2. Where did Abraham live?

2.3. So, where did Abraham live?

The Arabic Koran does not give geographical names or details about the places, where Abraham lived. The Hebrew Suhuf Ibrahim (scripture pages of Abraham) in the Torah, however, give abundant geographical information (as described above) that Abraham started out in what today is southern Iraq, traveled with his father north to what today is southern Turkey, and then ended up in the land that the Arabs today call Palestine and the Hebrews today call Israel. Nowhere in the Hebrew Suhuf Ibrahim (scripture pages of Abraham) do you find any indication that Abraham, or Ishmael or Hagar ever lived further south in the Hejaz (western part of the Arabian Peninsula) in or in the vicinity surrounding the city of Mecca.

Because the Arabic Koran does not give geographical details about where Abraham lived, and to satisfy the curiosity of Muslims, the Narrations (Hadith) of the Arabs that started Islam from early on provided the information, which the Koran failed to provide. If you compare these geographical details of the Arabic Narrations (Hadith) of early Muslims with what we find in the Hebrew Suhuf Ibrahim, you will be amazed to see that most of the geographical information from these ancient Hebrew texts were included in the more recent Arabic Narrations of Islam, however without mentioning their Hebrew source. The result is that many Muslims today, even though their Koran is silent on these matters, believe that Abraham started out in Mesopotamia, traveled north to Syria and ended up in what today is called Palestine or Israel. However, these Arabic Narrations (Hadith) from the Arabs who started Islam, also claim that Abraham towards the end of his life, together with his son Ishmael and Ishmael's mother Hagar, visited a place in Arabia, which today is called Mecca. This information cannot be found in the ancient Hebrew Suhuf Ibrahim. For this reason, we now have to address this difference in some detail, to understand the issues involved.

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