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16. Who Started Islam: Abraham or the Arabs?
Chapter 3. Did Abraham visit Mecca?

3.2. On which verses of the Koran do Muslims base their faith that Abraham went to Mecca?

There are six verses in the Koran, which have given rise to the belief by Muslims, that Abraham stayed in Mecca at least for some time (the following are literal translations of the Arabic original):

"95 Truly, the first house that was placed for people, for the one in Bakkah, (is) blessed and a guidance for the worlds. 96 In it (there are) evident (miraculous) signs for people, the abode of Abraham. And whoever entered it, has been safe. And unto Allah it is (a duty) upon people (to perform) the pilgrimage of the house, whoever is able to travel to it. And whoever disbelieves, then Allah is rich from (i.e. compared to) the worlds. " (Sura Al 'Imran 3:95-96)

"And it was, when we (i.e. Allah) settled Abraham at the place of the house; that (we said to him): 'Do not associate anything with me. And purify my house for the circumambulators and the dwellers and the kneeling prostrators.' " (Sura al-Hajj 22:26)

Abraham prayed: "Our Lord, truly I have made (some of) my offspring to dwell in a valley without plants, near your taboo (i.e. sacrosanct) house, our Lord, so that they would perform ritual prayers. So, do such that the hearts of the people will become fond of them. And bequeath them with fruits, it could be that they will give thanks." (Sura Ibrahim 14:37)

"And it was, when Abraham raises the foundations from the house, and Ishmael (with him), (they said?) 'Our Lord accept (this?) from us. Truly, you are the Listener, the Knower.' " (Sura al-Baqara 2:127)

"And it was when we (i.e. Abraham's Lord) made the house for people a place to travel to and a safety. And take the abode of Abraham as a place of prayer. And we (i.e. Abraham's Lord) covenanted with Abraham and with Ishmael to cleanse my house for the circumambulators and the devotees and the kneeling prostrators." (Sura al-Baqara 2:125)

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