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How to Uncover Basic Flaws and Hidden Lies in Attacks against the Christian Faith

18. Nowhere to hide (Job 34:22) -- Or: The impossibility of being neutral in discussions with unbelievers

We can see, then, that it’s impossible to be neutral in discussions with unbelievers. We have a complete different outlook of life and we must always have a distinctive Christian commitment to Christ and His word. Is there any common ground then for us to even begin a discussion with unbelievers?

If we are to understand the Biblical requirement that we be committed to God’s thoughts, since fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom and since unbelievers are committed to a completely different and opposing way of thinking, how shall we proceed?

The following table shows the results of a questionnaire conducted in the UK among teachers and students, which aimed to map out people’s beliefs. (See: W. Shipton, Worldviews and Christian Education, p. 92-93) You will note there is almost no area of agreement in worldviews.

 Naturalism Secular HumanismBiblical ChristianityPantheism New Age
Ultimate realityInanimate matter and energy that have always existedAn infinite, transcendent God, who acts in the universe and is knowable by human beingsThe spiritual universe, which is god/mind/one/all
Nature of GodThere is no such thing, because God is a mythA personal (triune), creatively active, omniscient, sovereign being, who is the source of moralityAn impersonal and amoral god/mind/one/all
Origin of the universe and lifeThe universe is eternal and operates as a uniformity of cause and effect in a closed system. Or, according to the Big Bang Theory, the universe appeared suddenly and inexplicablyCreated by God by the power of his word, to operate with a uniformity of cause and effect in an open systemManifestations of the eternal god/mind/one/all
Means of knowing truthHuman reason and intuition working through and confirmed by the scientific methodGod’s self-disclosure in Jesus Christ and through the Bible, human conscience and reason as a tool illuminated by God the Holy Spirit, and confirmed by experienceTrained introspection plus channelled revelations of god/mind/one/all
Nature of human beingsComplex “machines”; highly evolved animalsPhysical-spiritual beings with personality, created in God’s image, capable of free moral decisions, now in a fallen conditionSpiritual beings, a part of god/mind/one/all, temporarily residing in material bodies which are illusory
Purpose of human lifeSelf-fulfillment, pleasure, service and betterment of the next generationEstablishing a loving relationship with God, realizing personal potential, serving fellow humans, enjoying this life and preparing for eternal lifeTransition toward progression (or regression) until union with god/mind/one/all is achieved
Basis of moralityMajority opinion, contemporary mores, the best traditions, particular circumstances, or individual conscienceUnchanging character of God (just and merciful), revealed in Christ and in the BibleInner impulses and inclinations; there is no “right” or “wrong” behavior
The Human predicamentIgnorance of reality and true human potential; bad laws; incompetent government; lack of human understanding and cooperation; polluted environmentSin is a conscious rebellion against God and his principles; an attempt to enthrone humans as autonomous and self-sufficient creatures; as a result, the image of God became defaced and the entire world sufferedIgnorance of reality and of true human potential; lack of comprehension of supernatural communications; inattention to environmental balance
Solution to the human predicamentBetter education, more support to science, technological progress, just laws, competent government, improved human understanding and cooperation and care of the biosphereSpiritual rebirth involves faith in divine redemption through Jesus Christ. It leads to a new life of loving obedience to God, adequate self-understanding, proper human relationships and care of created orderChange in consciousness, which leads to better self-understanding, human relations, and self-redemption
DeathThe final end of existence in its entire dimensionA beginning of another conscious stateAn illusion; entrance into the next stage in cosmic life
Human historyUnpredictable and without overarching purpose, guided both by human decisions and by forces beyond human controlA meaningful sequence of events, guided by free human decisions, but also supervised by God; moving toward the fulfillment of God’s overall planAn illusion and/or a cyclical process

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