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BIK01 - Biblical Investigations of the Koran
A Ministry Course on Biblical Content in the Koran
UNIT 01 - PREVIEW: What to expect in this ministry course

010 - Preview of Unit 03: Biblical PASSAGES in the Koran

We begin STAGE 2 with a survey. Starting with the Bible as a whole we give a panoramic overview on which biblical passages have been taken up by the Koran and which were left out. This we do by looking successively at the eight parts of the Bible and by asking for each part, which passages have influenced the Koran and which not:

(Bible Part 1) the Torah in the Koran,
(Bible Part 2) OT History in the Koran,
(Bible Part 3) OT Writings in the Koran,
(Bible Part 4) OT Prophets in the Koran,
(Bible Part 5) the Gospels in the Koran,
(Bible Part 6) the Acts of the Apostles in the Koran,
(Bible Part 7) the Letters of the Apostles in the Koran and finally
(Bible Part 8) the book of Revelation in the Koran.

This Unit 03 can be used as a reference manual about which passages of the Bible have influenced the Koran.

Here you can access the content of this UNIT 03 (Steps 050 to 063):

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